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Trump warns ‘terrible things are going to happen’ as he’s blamed for anti-FBI violence

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  1. I just read it. The shows too slow paced for me. To much filler and too many freeze frames and time spacing fluff. Waiting for wano to finish in the omnibus then gonna read zho through wano

  2. I'll be driving in the fast lane, literally passing cars. And some jackass will still pull up behind me driving erratically and flashing their lights/honking their horn immediately once they're anywhere close to tailgating me, then they continue to do so until I move. But as I said, I'm already going nearly 20 over the limit and passing slower cars.

  3. As someone who has both skydived and bungee jumped this is a huuuuge fuck no for me

  4. "Live Free Or Die.....wait....not THAT free."

  5. The only new england state yet to legalize but theyre so red they probably never will even though theyre surrounded on all sides by legal weed states and canada

  6. I live in nh everyone here smokes including half the cops, our governor is just super against it and vetoes it every time it’s on his desk

  7. I member when they opened the dispensary in freyburg. Nh governer shouldda given up right then. Even in rhode island we had bilboards for.mass dispensaries form2 years before they legalized formally (it was informally legalized a couple of years ago when the governer said look just dont drive high and you can smoke all you want)

  8. Not a single idiot here read the article or looked up info surrounding it. This race baiting headline is so wrong about the situation, its laughable

  9. I could never deny my cats their outdoor time they love being outside when not napping

  10. Then there's no excuse for not attaching a bell to their collars.

  11. My cats hated collars we didnt use them. None of the neighborhood cats had any but they all belonged to homes. And they kept the mice out of our home anyways they were such good little hunters

  12. Ew i cant do meat that rare, which is why i cook at home so i can take an hour to properly slowly cook moist delicious medium well or well done steak

  13. "Meanwhile, a summer of record-breaking heat in Texas means the region needs more water than ever to keep its crop fields and lawns alive"

  14. This is not bad. Throw on some oldies rock, if you smoke and have a stativa weed take some hits and start your cleaning hyperfixation (for the uninitiated stativa weed is super energy go clean the whole house type of high and is how i get my place clean)

  15. Call the number on the back of your insurance card and have them find a place for you that does neuropsych evaluations. It may take a while and a few phone calls and multiple escalations to supervisors but theyll find you something

  16. I’m sorry, fucking what? 7 days a YEAR?

  17. fr? how on earth did they get there? i guess i always thought of them as a kinda high maintenance plant, it’s strange to see them grow in the middle of nowhere like that

  18. My neighbor has chipmunks who literally had multiple tomato plants under his deck stairs he thinks they accidently grew and they just settled down there

  19. That's infinite growth capitalism for you. Stocks are only supposed to go up, and there are only so many potential customers in the world, so you gotta keep boosting the profit margins to keep the shareholders happy. That's why ALL upstanding companies become trash as they grow. Looks at fucking Annie's Amy's...started off as an obscure filthy hippy organic co-op selection, and now that it's in every grocery store, they're busy union busting and exploiting their workers up there with Tyson and General Mills.

  20. What the hell how do i not have a song stuck in my head right now? Guys, im scared this isnt normal

  21. Its okay sitting on a dock on a bay by otis redding came in and saved the day. For a minutes it was fragments of hundreds of songs when i read the questions and it became too much to think about

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