1. I would avoid option 1 with the Charlotte layover mostly for two reasons. First is that delays tend to stack up throughout the day so there’s a solid chance of getting stuck in Charlotte if there’s any delays on your first flight. Second reason is that even if nothing goes wrong and you land at your scheduled time that entire day is wasted. At least with the other flights you land early enough to have fun in Vegas! As for the hotel they should be able to at least hold your luggage for you while you go out and explore until your room is ready. It might depend on the hotel, I don’t know if all brands do that

  2. I’m surprised this still happens. You’d think when they scan your ticket something would tell the ops agent that it’s the wrong flight…

  3. It absolutely should alert that it’s the wrong flight. The ones we use at the airport I work at flash red and it shows “WRONG FLIGHT” on the computer screen. Some of them will beep but not all do.

  4. I met my conservative Christian husband on Bumble so it definitely is possible! But I had to wade through a LOT of not so great guys to find him. It took me I think seven months on Bumble, and I was super close to deleting the app because of all the garbage I’d already had to deal with. It was very discouraging to keep meeting these guys who were not Christians and honestly some of the things that were said to me were quite gross. So keep that in mind if you do choose to go the online route, many men only want sex and get very upset when that’s not what you’re about. But I guess that really depends on what platform you’re using, that probably isn’t much of a problem on Christian Mingle lol

  5. Almost all of them were used to some degree.

  6. Depending on how dried out they are, there’s a chance they could be revived with some nail polish thinner. It’s only a few bucks at Sally Beauty and since you only need a little bit per bottle of polish it lasts a while! Start out with just a couple drops, you can always add more if you need to

  7. Currently wearing something similar, LA Colors Color Last “Wisdom”

  8. I tend to watch comfort shows or movies, stuff I love and have seen a gazillion times. Funny stuff works the best, like the office or parks and rec. For games I play things that keep my mind occupied, either sudoku or solitaire. I normally play the games on takeoff and landing, and watch tv/movies for the rest of the flight. Unless there’s turbulence, then I’m back to my games since it keeps my mind more occupied. I also found on my last flight that upbeat exciting music helped more on takeoff/landing than the calming stuff I used to listen to.

  9. I wish you all the best. Don't let the entitled passengers get to you...most of us are thankful for the work you're doing and know that delays, cancellations, and other unpleasantness are not your fault. I'm always smiling with my eyes (I still mask while flying) at all of you!

  10. I appreciate it! It’s passengers like you that really make my day better! I’m very used to customer service but dang these folks are on another level 💀 I really do understand their frustrations, especially since I’ve been on the other side with delays and cancellations, but there’s only so much I can do! For example, we had a flight get cancelled last week because the air conditioning wasn’t working on the plane and we’re too small of an airport to have backup aircraft. I wish I could have done more but Lord knows I can’t fix the plane myself 😂

  11. Pilots don't know why I'm afraid of flying (they obviously love it given their career choice, and don't interact with the passengers all that much; they have always been friendly and welcoming when I've asked to meet them, though, so this is not a slam on them!), ground staff doesn't usually (the one time I asked to board early to meet the pilots...they did it, but clearly thought it was an unusual request), but FA's have seen enough fearful flyers that, while they might not fully understand what I'm feeling, they know how to handle it. Of all your airline's staff to talk to about your fear, the FA's will probably be the most helpful! They not only get on the planes and fly and fly and fly, but they have seen your fear (and probably worse) and had to help manage it, in some way.

  12. The flight attendants really are wonderful! They’ve always been super helpful with coming to check on me whenever I’ve flown! I’m also hoping that interacting with the FAs and pilots on a daily basis will help, and then maybe one day they might actually be operating a flight that I take!

  13. All doors open inwards in the USA, even to a bedroom. Screen doors are to let fresh air in without the bugs, they open outward.

  14. Definitely not all houses in the USA have doors that open inward. Source: I own a home in Florida with a

  15. I’m terrified of many coasters as well. I used to refuse to ride any, including small ones meant for children, until a few years ago. I had some lovely friends who helped me start small at disney world and work my way to eventually riding the big ones and tower of terror as well. Took me a long time and many panic attacks to get to this point, but now I love all the disney coasters (won’t ride tower of terror again though!) but I’m still scared of a lot of coasters at universal or other parks because they’re a lot bigger and seem more intense.

  16. Hey pal! There’s a whole sub dedicated to this! Everyone there is super nice since we all know what each other is going through lol, and there’s some lovely pilots and flight attendants as well who do their best to help calm our fears.

  17. You’re welcome! The best pieces of advice I have for flying anxiety are the

  18. About half an hour left, you’re almost there! I’m sure you’ll begin your descent in just a few minutes!

  19. I see! You’re leaving in about 2 hr 20 min! Where did you get that image- That’s co if that’s about your flight so you know what to expect. I’ve never seen that. I’m flying delta next week- CT to Alaska. Do you have wifi in air? My flight last month was supposed to but it never worked and I was reimbursed. (Gogo was the name I believe-$8)

  20. This screenshot is from a website called Turbli, it will predict the turbulence for your flight about a day before. In my experience though it’s not always very accurate

  21. Thanks! Forgot to mention that. Probably my nerves haha.

  22. No worries! I see you’re about an hour into your flight, the hardest part is over! You’re in the air and have a really awesome view!

  23. Hey! I used to work pandisco! Most likely as a CP you won’t be able to cross train so you’ll only one have one costume to worry about. If for whatever reason you do get crosstrained, you’ll normally only be at one attraction per day, and you’ll know beforehand which one. Sometimes I got switched between the two Pandora attractions mid shift, but never between Pandora and bug unless I picked up a second shift in the same day, and then I would just bring the second costume with me. So they’ll never expect you to bring both costumes unless you actually have the tree and the moon in one day or want to possibly extend to the other location to get more hours.

  24. when I look at the airport on google maps, it's all pixelated out

  25. That’s so weird. It’s all pixelly on google maps and google earth, but it’s just fine on apple maps

  26. Welcome to Florida, I see this happen regularly, using the left or right turn lane as a passing lane, the further south you go, the worst it gets.

  27. First time I’ve seen this happen and I’ve been in the state now for five years, most of which was central florida. Only been in southwest florida for about a year now and the traffic is better than Orlando but dang if people don’t take advantage of that and treat all the roads like they have no speed limit 😂

  28. Didn’t look like he cared about the red light either, it turned green as he went into the intersection but he wasn’t showing any signs of stopping.

  29. Yeah it was very lucky that all the cars had finished turning, this could have ended very badly

  30. If anyone needs an even more budget friendly option Dollar tree has Silicone finger tips that look like they work similarly!

  31. Honestly I think I prefer the dollar tree ones! They seem to do a better job of keeping the acetone in place whereas the clippy ones leak easier. I have both and end up using the silicone ones more

  32. I was wrong about flight number it’s 1214

  33. I didn’t go on rockin rollercoaster because that one sounded way too intense for me. And I went on star tours and enjoyed that ride. So that’s all takeoff feels like? Do you think I can handle flying if I was able to handle those rides? I also went on test track but that one’s so easy. No drops.

  34. I hate that stomach dropping feeling and it’s not something I really notice on planes. I think the closest I felt to it was during some bad turbulence, but I’ve recently discovered that lifting your feet helps reduce the feeling of turbulence! But I definitely think you’ll be able to handle takeoff! I like to keep myself distracted, playing solitaire or sudoku on my phone really helps me! I got lucky one flight and was seated directly across from a flight attendant in a jump seat, and she just looked so bored for takeoff. Seeing her just be so chill helped me realize how mundane this all is for them.

  35. Maybe I got unlucky but on my last flight 12 years ago I was getting a heavy stomach drop like every 15 seconds it was brutal. I’m going to try to distract myself too during takeoff and just keep my mind off it. I’m also gonna take Xanax.

  36. It’s possible you just encountered some very rough turbulence, or that you are just more sensitive to noticing that feeling. I remember as a kid there was one hill that always gave me that feeling when my parents would drive over it quickly, but now as an adult I don’t notice that feeling at all on that same hill. So it’s possible that you won’t be nearly as sensitive to it this time around since it’s been so long!

  37. I never get them either so this was a huge shock! The biggest one I had ever gotten before this was a 3x and that got me about 8000 coins, and before that my highest was only in the 4000s so probably only 2x. And I’m sure I’ll never see something this big again lol

  38. Thanks! I guess I didn’t realize there was a set amount for the big bonus, I thought it could be any random multiplier

  39. YMMV, but I would definitely give it a shot if I were you. If I go 3+ hours without food, or even sometimes as little as 2.5 depending on what I ate, I go low quick. For me, it doesn't matter if I'm eating low carb, no carb, no sugar, etc... In fact I personally feel better in general if I have some carbs in my diet. I need to keep snacks with me in my purse so I don't get sick and nauseated when I'm out running errands or doing something for a few hours. Would recommend talking to a doctor about trying a continuous glucose monitor for a bit, so you can have data to back up how long after you eat your blood sugar drops, and how low, so you get a better idea of how to manage your specific body's needs. If you DO want to transition to a low carb/low sugar diet and see if that helps long-term, make sure to ease into it and keep meals smaller and more frequent so you're not crashing hard while adjusting.

  40. This is my experience as well. No matter what my meal is composed of, my sugar drops in about three hours and I need to eat again. I’ve just gotten in the habit of eating more small meals and always having snacks on me whenever I go out.

  41. Hey! I did my 2015 program at typhoon lagoon, however I was in food. I looved working at typhoon, it was so chill compared to the main parks! However, there’s a chance you might get deployed elsewhere during the waterpark slow season or if either them are closed for refurb. The statused cast have priority to stay. Things might be different since you’re in merch, and also since blizzard just reopened not long ago! I hope you have a blast, typhoon holds a huge place in my heart ❤️

  42. I'm not familiar with reusable ziploc bags, I'm curious if I should look for freezer/microwable safe or they're all the same?

  43. I would definitely do what you can to make sure the ones you get are heat safe. I just tragically lost some to somebody pouring something hot in the sink and melting them, and I’ve had some casualties in the dishwasher as well 🥺 I need to start researching a better brand. I’ve heard good things about stasher but the cost is a big hurdle

  44. I’m super curious about washable pads! How do they compare to regular pads? I usually use cups but sometimes I just don’t want to use them.

  45. I love my cloth pads! Might be TMI but I used to get a rash with disposables, and I’ve had no issues with that in the 3+ years I’ve been using my cloth ones! Only complaint I have about them is they tend to bunch up a little bit in the back and slide around some too

  46. omg this is so great to know!! i'm so glad u had a great experience, it just makes me all the more excited!! i'm lowkey hoping for flight so it's cool that cps get placed there a lot 😁 but i'll be so happy with anything! did you work just one of them? if so what did you do? or if you did more than one which was ur fav ?!

  47. I did work all of them! I started at navi when I went part time after my program ended (and then got full time a few months later), got trained at flight about six months in, and then got trained at bug about six months after that. My favorite location was navi, and I was even a trainer there as well! Second favorite was bug, but that was just because it was so chill and it was a nice break from the moon. I did enjoy spending some time at flight, but I didn’t like when I would get stuck there all week. Honestly my ideal schedule was all three locations within a week, but that rarely happened. Normally I would just get navi and flight, it was hard to get bug shifts. Unfortunately, CPs don’t really get to be cross trained. I think it has happened, but it was pretty rare when I was there. Most CPs end up working together on the closing shift so you’ll really get the chance to make great friendships!

  48. wow!!! it sounds like you had such an amazing experience. thank you so much for sharing all of that, it is so great to hear from someone who already worked there!!! closing shifts sound like a lot of fun for sure :) you have seriously made me so much more excited, i appreciate it so so much!'n

  49. Yeah of course! Let me know if you have any more questions about the area! Unfortunately I can’t speak much about the CP side of things (been about 4 years now since I was a CP 😂) but I know the land inside and out! You have a great leadership team to look forward to, they were some of my absolute favorite leaders and I worked in a lot of areas in many parks and resorts! And I’m sure your trainer will be fantastic as well, all of the other trainers I worked with were wonderful!

  50. I met my very conservative prolife Christian husband on bumble 🤷🏻‍♀️

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