1. Mongoloids - Time Trials doing a paced run

  2. Last two I enjoy their style a lot. Next run will def listen

  3. that thing is fugly, just because a trash bag has Gucci written on it does not make it fashion

  4. Bro it’s a good quality fleece that I’m probably not going to wear as an outer layer ever. It’s a mid layer it barely matters if it’s “ugly” (which I disagree with)

  5. Ik, that wasn’t my reason for asking why it’s fake

  6. Delta LT I just copped not sure if legit, bought from grailed

  7. Phew, got it for 80 and wanted to make sure. Can’t wait to get it!

  8. I don't trust their lab testing looks fake, it isn't available to the public on the testing facilities website etc.

  9. Yeah that’s what I saw, for the meantime I’m not going to use it.

  10. I bought one for 35 or 40 I can’t remember. It’s sat in my desk for the last 3 months and I don’t use it at all. My tiger cart is light years better

  11. for the glass to even get into your lungs it would need to be micron sized which is usually filtered out by the cilia lining in the bronchia. The filtering is undergone by either being coughed out or swallowed. Therefor not an issue

  12. Your so fucking dumb, the cotton filter isn’t Fort Knox dip shit. If there is glass particles in there, and you choose to go through mental gymnastics just to say “it’s technically safe because there is cotton and glass to big”. Shits in the oil!!. If you want to smoke it, be a dumb ass and go ahead. And also saying glass isn’t a lung hazard makes you look so fucking stupid. Water in your lungs is a hazard dip shit. If you feel like arguing over that, then don’t fucking ask for advice. Waste of my time. P.s. learn to ask one question at a time, Jesus Christ you clearly don’t care if that oil is safe, you just want someone to say “it’s safe to smoke” so you can feel more comfortable smoking it, fuck anyone who opposes I guess

  13. Do you want a source twin for anything I’ve said?

  14. I put a rubber band to further make it hold its place, but if this isn’t safe in the sense it’s still being exposed to harsh things then I’ll take it off

  15. Going from 8 to 5:18 is very impressive, I know my freshman year I went from 6 to 4:57 and you’re really close to sub 5! I definitely recommend XC

  16. I would but I also do soccer. Idk if ill do soccer my junior year tho

  17. If you’re not playing any other fall sport, why not do XC?

  18. I think I could def get sub 5 by sophmore year. I was sorta late to the whole track thing tho like I was chubby and didn’t run at all before freshman year or even at the beginning

  19. delete the game folder. don't uninstall through steam just delete the whole thing. then reinstall. the game code is horrible and always gets corrupted for some reason

  20. I’ve tried getting killed traveling and even going into places where it removes all your weapons

  21. My normal download speed is 150 but for this update it’s 5. Crazy

  22. yea I heard that too. It’s actually probably that

  23. But we can all agree saikiXcoffeejelly is OTP thank for replying btw :)

  24. Oh sorry I should mention this isn’t officially canon but the fandom assume the saiki is aro and ace since saiki hasn’t shown/ (and doesn’t actually have canonically as of so far) attraction to anyone; you are right though I would never assume a real persons sexuality but this is agreed upon as ‘fanon’ and highly suggested canon sorry if I made it seem that way I didn’t mean to but yeah have a good day :) edit: again im sorry i can delete if u want?

  25. I understand where ur coming from but the only real reason he’s like that bc he sees people like meat bags bc of his X-ray vision and he knows the real person bc he reads their thoughts but u have a good day too :)

  26. So I have been on part 4 but In my recommended jotaro die did he really? I honestly want to know

  27. One punch man (from the same creator as mob psycho), cowboy bepop (similar to black lagoon), Hunter x Hunter, attack on Titan

  28. I finished one punch man I loved it and I was thinking of watching cowboy bebop

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