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  1. I don’t know what you call it or how you manage it with egos, but it is an interesting idea to have Cam Payne play more minutes and have CP3 fresh in the fourth quarter as a “closer” to finish games.

  2. NBA about to start plotting to convince Kendall Jenner to take Booker back.

  3. It is a lil weird that P2 switched up from last year when we played the Cardinals. I feel like more has happened since last year that isn't public.

  4. He’s got a podcast and needs content. It’s still classless.

  5. I love the take on Booker: “other than being exceptionally gifted at the single most important skill in the nba, what else is he good at?”

  6. Yeah bezos is an immoral bastard. Sure he’s the richest person ever, but his wealth is largely built in the backs of the poor. He pays his warehouse workers terribly and works them to awful conditions. Amazon is unionizing all over the place. Lots of stories about workers peeing in bottles because of how hard they’re pushed in the warehouses. No thanks, we don’t need that bad blood owning the suns. #eattherich

  7. Do you expect anybody with professional sports team money to be any different?

  8. My new stock answer to anyone complaining anything about tp is: get a bidet.

  9. It's cool, he'd probably be disgusted by you too.

  10. Maybe, I don’t have a lot going for me. But at least I’ve never kicked someone in the balls or sucker punched a colleague, or insulted another colleague in public media.

  11. I like to think I have too much self respect.

  12. Coming from a safety guy this is bull crap, in fact all trainings and documents we give a copy to the driver because it’s all theirs as well.

  13. I think he can make a more consistent effort, but he’s also often hampered by foul trouble which I think keeps him from being aggressive sometimes.

  14. Calling him low ceiling got you the downvote from me. I wasn’t the original one you complained about though.

  15. Sorry I think he’s more like to David Robinson than Hakeem Olajuwon, but you know I’m right.

  16. Lol, whose downvoting me for providing a thoughtful response about my opinion?

  17. Ok so say i take .3g how long do i wait to feel anything before going higher? And higher by how much?

  18. 0.3 is a pretty high dose and if you don’t have any antidepressants in the way you should feel something from a caffeine rush to alcohol buzz to even some psychedelic visuals kind of on the edge of your vision.

  19. wellbutrin is kind of unique in that it affects your dopamine levels and not seratonin and there is very little interaction from a chemical level between wellbutrin and psilocybin or lsd.

  20. I just watched a documentary about Ice Cream and air. Apparently, you can put up to 49% of air inside ice cream and not have to change the label. At 50% air they have to call it a frozen dairy treat....Do you remember trying to get a spoon to go into on eof those things when we were kids? The struggle was real. Now it just slides right in :joy:"no pun intended." Shit changes when you get older am I right?

  21. I keep hoping all these shrinkflation shenanigans are going to help me lose weight, lol.

  22. Its not very often i see him tho.. on my current playthrough I've only seen him thrice so far.. but he always has something interesting to say :)

  23. Once you’ve got enough of the map covered to quick travel pretty much anywhere you need to go, you mostly stop running into him.

  24. There’s conflicting results but because this is a decidedly non-scientific practice to self medicate with an illegal substance and sharing anecdotal results, I say if you want to find out there’s only one way…

  25. I have this still as my garage beer fridge works great.

  26. I’m interested in how much more it costs to power an already more inefficient older model in an uninsulated space more open to the outside.

  27. Nope, you can identify your own sexuality however you want, and even make a video about it if you feel like it.

  28. You can identify yourself however you want, but that doesn’t mean you’re not something else based on your actions. At the very least, this dudes bi

  29. Absolutely my point, I can identify myself however I want.

  30. I absolutely take 200 mg of psilocybin - a mini dose if you will - when going out with friends who are drinking and I’m on their level, able to command a room, quick with my words, and basically just nurse a beer or two all night.

  31. You notice how fast they get up when they actually get hurt? When they flop they lay on the ground like they were shot

  32. I'm always trying to look in hood mirrors in my car, takes a second to click oh yeah I'm in my civic I don't have hood mirrors.

  33. You should get some hood mirrors, lol!

  34. We won our first close game of the season, lol!

  35. He is absolutely not a top 10 qb lol

  36. He might be, he might be #10, but the QB position is so hard and important and the drop off so steep that there are really only a handful that have a “Super bowl winning” caliber of player.

  37. This is why I get angry at it. The post is saying all women should be afraid of all men because all men are violent which simply isn't true. It's the equivalent of a man saying all women are gold diggers so make sure you don't let them know you have money

  38. Not all men are dangerous but enough are that ALL women need to guard against it and protect themselves. Every woman in your life has their own horror stories about stalkers, strangers, suitors, exes, and friends.

  39. I think this is a misnomer. When we were poor, we ate really well. I cooked from scratch though and variety was less. We had less meat - I found ways to stretch it - and ate lots of fresh veggies. I baked our snacks. I did not buy processed foods much because, per serving, they cost a lot more. We spend a lot of time in Belize where the people are poor but they eat well. Processed foods beyond a few canned things, are rare. Everyone cooks from scratch. They eat too much rice, but it's filling. Other than those who live in good deserts, I do not believe those who say they can't afford to eat good food. They may not have time, but that's a different story.

  40. The thing a lot of poor people working multiple jobs to make things work lack the most is time. Time to work out for leisure and shop at stores and make healthy food from scratch. A lot of poor people make horrible diet choices in part because they don’t have the time and energy to do anything but get fast food or eat junk food as their only enjoyment.

  41. “I’m just a monkey ma’am.”

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