1. Looks like a LinkedIn job offer. We want an expert with 10+ years dev in python, java, c++, go, carbon. We'll pay junior entry position salary.

  2. Duplicate the tower (ctrl+d) - the new tower will be above the circle.

  3. Second this. Though I find it tiring that most of those operation (cut, difference, intersect,...) need you to duplicate one of the objects first. Particularly seeing that when pasting an objects it's often slightly offset right and down compared to the original, so then I'm have to try and realign everything.

  4. Oh i didn't know that, thanks for the tip

  5. Probably a silly question but can deep learning ai trade for you or would I have to stitch a trading bot + deep ai together for it to work successfully? I hopped around youtube looking at tutorials about making the trading bot but they were all using technicals, for me it's just zig zag patterns. So I'm wondering if I do develop a method and get it recognizing these patterns successfully, how do I make the bridge to it being traded automatically?

  6. Both can trade for you. Though with the AI stuff it's always kinda hard to know what they identify and in the end it might not look or be your pattern at all, just something else that frequently coincides with the pattern you trade.

  7. Oh, I thought deep ai couldn't trade for me, so that's good to know. You're on the right side about my "Technicals", I basically trade structure breaks, take a zigzag going down and once it breaks top of the zigzag, I short for example.

  8. I'm not really saying to break it down on lower timeframes, though this can be done it adds so much more data to process.

  9. You can earn money by buying at a low price and selling at a higher price. But if you get your entry wrong, you can lose money just as easily.

  10. I second this. And risk management should be your number one priority at all times.

  11. So if I'm locked out of server again, do I need to rebuild. I went back through config and turned on everything I turned off and I'm still getting a denied due to public key message.

  12. Depends what kind of other access you have to the server. If it's at your place you can just plug a keyboard in and fix it. If it's remote see if your hosting company provides a web config page or a web terminal access. If they don't you can ask their support to fix it for you, they'll probably ask you to send them your ssh Public key by email or something and their admin will add it manually on the server and maybe fix your /etc/sshd file for you if you ask kindly enough

  13. I have experience with separate home partitions and definitely super easy to switch linux flavor once setup. You will keep all your files and documents (well only those in /home so if you are a web developer and have sites in /var/www or anywhere else than /home you definitely need to back those up before)

  14. Just use the fib retracement. You can configure you're own percentages in the tool settings. It tells you percentage and price and can even color them differently so i use it to color the buy area of my strategy in blue, stoploss in red, first target in pale green second target dark green.

  15. You guys do know that in python you can just multiply strings:

  16. If you had linux and then installed windows, then yeah it's a common screw up that the windows installer makes. You're lucky to still be able to boot to linux without having to repair grub.

  17. I did use Ventoy... The thing is, without Ventoy I got nowhere with the installation, not even into the installation screen. With Ventoy, it creates this said problem.

  18. With Ventoy you don't need the Window Media Création tool. You just need to download a windows ISO from the Microsoft website. Use Ventoy to transform your USB stick in a bootable USB stick. Then with the file explorer you just copy the Windows.iso from your downloads to the USB stick, then reboot and use the bios to boot to your usb stick. A ventoy boot choice menu appears, choose windows. And voilà

  19. Well there are ways to do it, like WoeUSB or Ventoy. But since you were talking about the windows media creation tool I gave the instructions for that software in particular

  20. Meanwhile the scam that is the tesla bot is slowly figuring out how to pick up a box...

  21. Most hosting providers provide email server with your custom domain if you create a simple website with their platform (often for free). This has simple imap support and can very easily be integrated in nextcloud. The simple website i used to make a "hub" for all the services i host. A grid of tiles that are a recognizable icon of the application I host and that just redirect to the subdomain they're hosted on. The problem of that solution is that mail storage is often quite limited so it fills up pretty quickly if you receive or send a lot of attachments.

  22. It's an oversimplification but the terminal is just a windows that emulates a physical terminal screen. You can see it as ''it draws pixels where it needs to''.

  23. Usually a trending market will be above its long term and mid term moving average for an uptrend and below for a downtrend. So what you take as long and mid term is up to you.

  24. I am still amazed that as far as i know there are no distros out there that have write caching disabled on removable drives. I know it's difficult to differentiate removable drives on Linux but it's absolutely essential feature. Even those "slow to implement essential features" Microsoft devs figured it out back when XP SP2 was a thing. Making people lose their files is the worst thing ever!

  25. You're never supposed to have the only copy of a file be on a removable drive. Heck you shouldn't have a single copy of a file anyways. Remember: 3-2-1

  26. I didn't notice that the board was turned around (like other comments here have said), i did notice that the bishop was in the field while all pawns were still in place, which is also impossible. Of course the board being turned around makes this nonsensical anyways

  27. In my mind it's the best way, fastest and most thorough. Though I don't let it go quite as bright as this. A dull red, like barely starting to glow cherry red is quite enough. I learned when doing copper brazing that you can actually overheat it. Even worse with brass as you start to release part of the zinc (or tin with bronze)

  28. Does it taste smokey? (Careful with the teeth). Though probably quartzite.

  29. Nice design, tough I would orient the ring in which the carabiner clips 90 degree from how it it right now so that the carabiner clips to the belt without wanting to twist (if that makes sense?)

  30. This is absolutely NOT human. The scapula alone should exclude humans.

  31. Agreed, there are none of the human features on this scapula. It lacks the ridges and processes that are expected.

  32. In order to grow properly, plants need 1/10 of Earth's gravity. NASA has told us to assume Earth's gravity in our design, so I assume they have some sort of plan for the gravity part of things. We'll work with them to solve any issues that do arise from lower gravity environments later, most likely, once we have data from testing in space. As of now, we don't have any good way to test our prototypes in space, unfortunately.

  33. I think NASA removed gravity from the challenge for two reasons

  34. That's still less than in belgium where crypto gains are just added to your overall yearly income and consequently taxed about 40-50% depending on your tax bracket. FYI the highes tax bracket is already reached for yearly incomes of 41360€/yr. So basically almost everyone will have it's crypto gains taxed 50%

  35. Could you Tell me where you got this info from?

  36. That was a few years ago when I was looking at maybe investing in crypto. Though it also depends if those are long term gains or not. For short term gains there was another 30 ish % tax of "précompte mobilier". Though it might have changed since then.

  37. All cells are set like this by default: the text sort of overflows over the next cell while that cell itself doesn't contain text/numbers. Once the cell in column B displays something, the text of column A is truncated at the column width. At that point you have three choices:

  38. As a starting point, sign up for the Proton Mail Plus plan and get yourself a custom domain from a domain registrar. Then configure that domain to be used with your Proton Mail account.

  39. Agreed with all of that, with a custom domain you and all the members of your family can have an email address in the form of

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