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  1. I feel like I just need to vent and put this out into the universe.

  2. Dealing with this right now too. Caught covid early May and I've been fighting with anxiety, inner ear inflammation (I get this with every virus, but this is worse), and peri menopausal hormone flux. It's so hard to get back on the wagon. I did one short run/walk last week but I still feel so awful (and I didn't really feel good after the run). Here's to somehow getting back into a schedule, I guess.

  3. Do you have any tips for handling inner ear inflammation? Or describing what it feels like? I previously lost some hearing with Covid #1 and despite taking precautions I have covid again and am FREAKED out that I’m going to lose more hearing. Had to wait over the weekend to talk to my doc today

  4. I wanted to be able to switch careers just in case I didn't enjoy cs as much as I thought I would. The interest is pretty new to me and I was never a huge tech person growing up so I am not confident enough to only major in cs. Also, since jobs in the biology field don't pay too well and are hard to get, I thought that having a cs degree would give me more opportunities.

  5. I wasn't exposed to programming until college and didn’t start cs courses until halfway though college. Lots of people don’t have experience before they start a major. Don't let confidence stop you if it’s what you want :) Can you start by taking coursework in both? Imo there’s valid reasons to do either major, it depends on what you want. And whatever you choose there are ways to switch careers later if you change your mind

  6. Yes I've started doing a few bio classes in community college before I finished my AA, so hoping they let me do a double major! thank you for replying, I really appreciate it. you were the only person who gave kind feedback, everyone I was talking to was being really intimidating o.o

  7. No problem. I’d stand by what I said in the original comment that a CS major is the best option if you want a software job, but only you can know what you want longer term (ex bioinformatics, software, bio lab work, grad school, something different). Wishing you the best in your decision!

  8. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi! It’s a graphic novel about growing up in Iran around the time of the revolution. The book is divided into stories that are a few pages each.

  9. In search of the best, interesting, envious Asian foodie tiktokers and youtubers. And GO!

  10. JunsKitchen is a fun channel. Jun usually cooks Japanese food and his cats sit on stools to watch the process.

  11. Do any of y’all follow jnaydaily? She just moved and her new place is literally so beautiful. I’m so curious as to how much they pay in rent

  12. Yes I love her channel! I’m not usually interested in decor videos but I LOVE her positive energy. That new house is beautiful but I can imagine in LA it costs $$$$

  13. I've had mine for 3 years now using no other forms of protection and no pregnancies!

  14. I think it would be fine as long as you’re taking it for enough time to be effective before he visits. Right now I’m taking 3 months of birth control pills for a hormonal issue, my doctor prescribed only these three months and then I stop.

  15. I used Stridex salicylic acid pads on my body to prevent and treat acne. How often I do this depends on how much I'm sweating. It can stain clothes so I do this before bed and wear a loose, clean shirt to sleep.

  16. Just recently discovered Pomodoro. Basically stick to a ratio of 25 mins on 5 mins off rinse and repeat through the day. Give yourself a mental reward for working periodically. It’s the same as if you were trying to maintain study habits

  17. Yep this is my main way of keeping focused. Even on my most unproductive days I can get myself to sit still and work hard for 25 minutes. After a few Pomodoros I get into a flow where I can work for longer periods of time. I also have an instrumental playlist that I put on when I need to work, that helps get me in a flow too.

  18. I switched from Skyla to a non-hormonal IUD, so not exactly the same situation, but I didn't go through the initial 'getting used to it time' again. My uterus felt a bit swollen and tender for the first month (maybe due to the fact the new IUD was copper) but I didn't have months of random cramping, it seemed like my uterus was used to having something inside it.

  19. If anyone else is having this problem just speak up and ask for more novocaine they'll be happy to juice you up. Pretty sure the only reason they use just enough to get the job done is so you dont walk around with a numb face all day.

  20. I had a terrible dentist who REFUSED to believe she hadn't given me enough novocaine. It was like, does me wincing and crying not convince you I can still feel what you're doing?? Eventually she gave me another shot since I wouldn't let her near my mouth otherwise, but it was wild how little she cared

  21. Cracking the Coding Interview is more basic data structures and algorithms than esoteric knowledge. It's important to know both theoretical and practical things! If your course doesn't cover both, there are tons of videos and resources for free online. A lot of junior developer developer jobs will include those type of questions.

  22. My university has a "policy" saying that offers should be kept until November 1st, but they don't have any real way of enforcing it and companies break it all the time

  23. Potentially the company could break this rule as you said. If I were you (I did this too) I'd try to mention it to your manager and recruiter as soon as the return offer conversation comes up. "I love your company and I hope you could honor my university's policy!"

  24. My friends dad was in line at the ATM and the guy in front of him said his pin out loud as he typed it in, then forgot his bank card in the machine and left. Can't make this stuff up lol.

  25. Last week in my bank someone had half-filled out a deposit slip, maybe changed their mind partway through writing, then left this paper with their entire account number on a table in the lobby. I threw it in the trash but that's almost asking for your account/money to get stolen.

  26. Hello! I just started my first full time job after college. My company will match up to 4% of my salary in my 401k. But since I'm starting work now, I'll only receive about half my normal pay this year.

  27. Island of the blue dolphins. Read it as a kid and it's still one of the saddest I know

  28. That one was so sad but I also loved it. Another one that wrecked me as a kid was Bridge to Terebithia. Or The Giver (and other related books) by Lois Lowry.

  29. I wonder how the mom feels about it now. If she didnt listen to her daughter, she would've been dead

  30. When I was 12 my parents wouldn't believe there were tornado clouds over the house. They made fun of me for trying to get everyone in the basement and told my brothers to keep playing. A tornado ended up touching down and causing a lot of damage a mile from the house, luckily we were okay.

  31. It isn't really a choice here. $80k for a degree or $50k without one. So the degree is worth the $30k difference and the $50k is going to be there regardless.

  32. I agree with this ^ . Try to do internships or co-ops to make money while in school as well as get experience, since you'll need more than just a degree on paper to get jobs

  33. Note that if you have struggles with some aspect of social skills, there are often (not always) now resources and training to learn things --even things which you think you might be ridiculed for needing to explicitly learn. It is one benefit of being in a profession with a bunch of nerds: much fewer people will sneer at you for needing to explicitly learn something that someone in marketing would say is obvious.

  34. Yep I agree with this. The bar for social skills seems to be lower in CS. Imo basic social skills are key to passing interviews and getting along with colleagues (be friendly, listen to others, make eye contact). But people in CS won't hold it against you if you're introverted, or a little awkward in conversations, etc.

  35. Do you have any advice on how to work on LC? I feel like a lot of the time I spend like 30-40 minutes on a lot of questions and end up having little idea where to go and have to go to solutions, and while I feel like I'm learning some patterns and tricks, idk if I'm just memorizing solutions to specific questions at this point the way I'm studying

  36. If you can't solve something, go read more about the topic. Leetcode helps you recognize types of problems but you need to understand the underlying theory to solve variations. Think about how you can tell that x problem calls for y data structure and z algorithm. Also talk out loud about why you're solving a problem a certain way, since you need to talk while solving problems during interviews.

  37. I've had it for over 1.5 years with no pregnancy, the effectiveness is statistically higher than pills or most other forms of birth control. So that's something to keep in mind for peace of mind. But you can also pair it with withdrawal or condoms or fertility awareness tracking (since it's non-hormonal) to increase effectiveness!

  38. Maybe your previous pill was causing a gradual decrease in libido, and now the new one isn't decreasing your libido. So it's increasing back to normal levels?

  39. Are there CS clubs are your college? That's usually a good place to find people who like programming. I don't usually look at code with my programmer friends, but it's easier to talk to them about school or work related things since we're in the same field.

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