1. Some farmer fella from Cavan went to Newtonhamilton to buy stock and dropped a fiver...

  2. One issue with being a patient gamer is you miss out on some things which may not exist anymore. The original ME3 wasn't great and they did try to fix it. So it's good to be patient in this case. You get a fixed game, with less bugs etc.

  3. And by everything, we mean nothing

  4. Biggest surprise was the MP. Such a pity it didn't come back for the LE.

  5. Ah, I don't know..they're a bit backwards them fellas.

  6. Mike Walker is worst, second worst is also Mike Walker - he was that bad

  7. This.. what was so disappointing also was he'd done a decent job at Norwich before coming to us, but under him we were woeful. It's probably the lowest low of the club's history. Then we went and won the cup under big Joe.

  8. Kilbane was a decent player. Good pro. Worked hard. Did his bit in the community too. He was always a decent player for the international team too. He's no Duff, but good solid pro.

  9. As soon as I saw Davies getting ready to go on...

  10. Bit of a sidetrack but I heard a weird one About Ireland when I was living in the south of England. This was beyond schoolyard urban legend. I know some people who were actually taught this in class.

  11. This isn't totally wrong. Some Spanish sailors did crash-land and stay here and mix with the locals and now some Irish can have thalassemia, which isn't usually an Irish genetic condition, unlike say, haeomochromatosis. Haematologist had me tested in case I had it.

  12. Eating polo mints affects your sperm count, sterile.

  13. Check your settings. You may have a limit on your review set at 40 per day.

  14. So is this the reason why footballers are getting refused entry visas? I saw there was a few City players blocked from entry yesterday.

  15. The same PSNI who are buying bonfire builders chippys and taking photos of suicide victims bodies and genitals and sending them around WhatsApp saying "another taig bites the dust" whilst his family mourns in the room next door? Naa can't see anything happening.

  16. That'd be over 1 million deaths per year. Not true.

  17. Just curious, if you don't mind, what is the pay like?

  18. The car cruise control is very handy if you don't have it you can 'aftermarket' fit one.

  19. Does cruise control help? I always assumed, not sure why, that'd burn more fuel as the cars computer systems etc would be doing the work.

  20. The last book on the right is....

  21. Because his agent isn't in Everton's pocket

  22. Because Everton isn't in his agent's pocket

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