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  1. Had front row pit in Richmond VA for the summer festival run before the tour with ADTR and ATL began. Travis threw it out and it bounced off the guard rail. I was gonna hop and grab it but security said “wait…. I’ll get it” and handed it directly to me. I also got a Hoppus bass pick that night.

  2. Gently fondle them while giving me head

  3. I actually did. Life is going just as great as ever

  4. Sick! I know Ryan played with them a few years back on tour. Guitar? Or did you somehow sneak a violin into the venue?

  5. epic! love that NFG did that even tho they didn't know the song.

  6. It was really cool for the fans who were there to really only see Yellowcard at the time, to get a little bit of what they came for. (myself included…. Admittingly… I didn’t really know any NFG songs ashamedly…Ever since that night I have been rightly obsessed though and can play a ton of their songs!)

  7. Patiently waiting for the first live footage of the tour of them playing Bored To Death

  8. i’m going on a blink related blackout once the tour starts tbh, I want the setlist to be a surprise

  9. Ughh I want to but I don’t know if I can. I like to be prepared for a show.

  10. Did anyone else think this was Keanu Reeves for a second? No? Just me?

  11. Absolute garbage. Right along with After Laughter.


  13. I’ve tried again and again to get into this album, but I just can’t stand the guitar tone. The Riff in Ghost on the dancefloor hurts my ears. Is it just me?

  14. Oh you mean the riff found in After Midnight, Saturday Love and Heaven (AvA’s)?

  15. It's more a strumming style than a riff. And it's in Epic Holiday, too. Tom was just vibing on that style at the time

  16. This is true. I haven’t seen anyone else do it, so I just call it “the Tom riff” lol

  17. Negotiations?! We’ve lost all communications!

  18. If this doesn’t win for the mere fact of how long it has been topping charts and loses to Taylor Swift or Billie Elish or some shit, then I’m convinced that award shows are rigged.

  19. Depends on the leg of the tour, but I am seeing trash boat and can’t swim listed on Setlist FM

  20. Damn I didn’t see them listed anywhere for my date. I remember the name Trash Boat though. Thanks.

  21. Lol Ballyhoo! is my number 1 reggae band I listen too and I am on their street team! They are phenomenal live!! Every show is party! I am going to see them Friday actually!

  22. In-game stores/shops on video games. Why are you investing in robbery?

  23. She only had like 4 with one guy total before me. And now I have been fucking circles around him for the last 10 years. So fuck him.

  24. State Champs did “Stitches” 1000x better than Shawn Mendes

  25. Force Awakens was basically A New Hope set years after a New Hope.

  26. What the fuck happened on Wednesday January 19th?

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