AITA for telling my sister to stop trying to make my wedding all about her?

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UPDATE: AITA for not wanting to adopt my "dying" ex-girlfriends child?

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  1. Throw EoM on that pile of "trash game EoS after 1 year" that SE seems to be building these days.

  2. There's a new XV gacha coming out, and it looks awful. Are people really clamoring for new XV content?

  3. Tell your sister that her dinner, both the food and the setting, sound delightful and she is welcome to cook for us any time. YTA

  4. Those are very cool. Though I have some other Nanoblock sets and, as building toys, are kind of annoying. They are, as expected, very small, and building is just layering them on top of each other. Definitely my least favorite type of pixel art.

  5. What he said is creating a hostile work environment. NTA but tell the higher ups anyway about the comment.

  6. People who support racists are racists. If anything, you should be uninviting your bigoted parents. YTA

  7. Theatrhythm Final Bar Line demo is now available. Tyro shows up at least two other times in the opening, but I'd have to go frame by frame to capture them.

  8. If Terunofuji retired the JSA would probably refuse to accept it and keep him on the banzuke.

  9. Your brother is lucky he didn't get punched after saying that. Tell him good luck with his hateful ableist wife, you and your awesome one will never see him again. NTA

  10. You would rather get back at Ross than your child get a proper education? YTA

  11. How can you tell that she has no personality when you have no idea what she is saying at any given time? Being monolingual is not a personality either, and it's a lot less useful to boot. YTA

  12. Yeah, your roommate is a predator. Get out ASAP. And have someone search your room for hidden cameras. NTA

  13. There are plenty of books with no meat eating characters, and she chose a subtle and appropriate way to convey that hers was one. Sounds like you are the militant one here. YTA

  14. You won't have anyone to blame. Anna will have her inability to keep track of the father(s) of her children or maintain a relationship with her own family to blame.

  15. First, names are a two yes, one no situation. If you don't like Linda, the baby is not Linda. If he doesn't like Jaiden, the baby is not Jaiden. Back to the drawing board.

  16. Go. It's not "her house. her rules" if you are paying to live there, so don't pay to live there any more. NTA

  17. You absolutely are being bullied. Y T A to yourself for not taking this to HR much sooner.

  18. As much as I hate to say this, but I would be single before I do that. I haven't said anything like that to my wife yet because that sounds like a relationship-killing ultimatum, but that's how I feel.

  19. You need to sit them down and ask what the plan is for after the baby is born. Your relationship may already be over. NTA

  20. You might be able to keep them on this ridiculous diet while they are home but guarantee they will leave at 18 and rebel by forming even less healthy habits. Insulting them and trying to control them is why they will not speak to you again after they move out. YTA

  21. You would not have been TA for washing your hands of the whole situation, but you are a big damn hero to your soon to be child.

  22. She's asking you to pay for jewelry for a destination wedding because she bought something she knew you couldn't wear and told you to deal with being in pain because she cares more about her pictures than your health. Where you should go from here is out of the bridal party. NTA

  23. I wonder to what extent Shikona replace the real name in the private like of Rikishi :

  24. I suspect that if Hakuho needs toilet paper, he would be the last one to go for it. Either his wife would do it (because patriarchy) or they would send a junior rikishi.

  25. If there was no one in line, it would have been fine. You also need to teach your child courtesy, which means not making other people wait for you. YTA

  26. OP states that they don't like to leave work early but would have came.

  27. But what has OP, through her words and actions, told her daughter would happen? I wouldn't be surprised if the kid has already been yelled at for "making" OP leave work early, probably for something trivial like being sick.

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