1. Always call people by the name they want. YTA

  2. The thing is... she’s never done this before. Or maybe she’s never had the opportunity to? I’m shocked. I can’t be in the same room as her but she keeps insisting that I should apologize so we can forget this ever happened.

  3. Do not apologize. Do not forget. Your wife is showing her true colors.

  4. YTA. There is something that you did to him, even if you refuse to acknowledge it. Leave them alone.

  5. It will be peaceful when you cut them out of your life. Their behavior is not your fault. Tell them that if they show up at your door again, you will call the cops and then block them on everything. NTA

  6. The worst investment you could make at this point is in continuing this relationship. NTA

  7. OP, move your flight up and arrange for your own transportation. Tell no one. And be prepared to call the police and tell them you are being held against your will. You were brought here specifically to be a caregiver, and they hope you will feel trapped. NTA

  8. Someone should notify the actual dictionary of that.

  9. "I am not your patient, and so it is unethical to try to diagnose me.". NTA

  10. She's 20 a legal adult and can't eat whatever she wants? Obviously if she's sneaking meat she's not 100% vegan but also odd a 20yo has to hide that from her family.

  11. At 20 she may be in college or just starting a career and living at home, so mostly limited to the food her parents buy (or non-vegan things she buys get thrown out). Parents are definitely AH by forcing that's but it's a common situation to be in.

  12. If OP is lucky, she’ll only get some god awful cake forcefully served at her at every family event for the next 20 years

  13. I have a friend who does a con for bizarre ice cream creations, and one year she made lobster bisque and blueberry. It... was not good.

  14. They also think Tamagotchis are expensive, so no wonder Monterey Jack was such a luxury for them.

  15. There’s been stories on here of brides freaking out because someone was in their first trimester and not even beginning to show.

  16. Yup, because they won't drink, and the only reason why someone would ever not drink is that they're pregnant, and then OMG PREGNANT PERSON AT MY WEDDING!

  17. He is TA for not being able to parent for 20 minutes, and he is double TA for bringing in outsiders to harass you. NTA and sorry you have two children now.

  18. I don't think it takes a professional to know that being hostile to a person you are asking for a job is not a good idea. You tried to help her, and she proved that she wasn't receptive to the idea. Continuing to help her is going to put your reputation at risk, so stick to your guns here. NTA

  19. I have no idea what is going on with Joan asking you to turn off the game after it is already off, but if this argument ends the relationship, it was already doomed. NTA

  20. If Hoshoryu and Oho both collapse and Wakatakakage wins out to claim the yusho, I could see them giving him Ozeki. He did go 11-4 in September.

  21. But only 8-7 in July, so that would be just 30 wins in this last three basho. The JSA isn't that desperate, especially since Takakeisho needs only 1 more win to guarantee his rank through March. If WTK hits 11, he'll be a prime candidate for promotion after January, but this is too soon.

  22. Does anyone know approximately how many official matches between its previous use? Would it be tens of thousands?

  23. Assuming just juryo and makuuchi... 35 matches per day x 15 days per tournament x 6 tournaments per year x 57 years... close to 180,000.

  24. I told him that it would make him feel better and wanted him to take it, but I wasn't going to force him against his choice, which is what my husband wanted to do

  25. 4-year-olds should not get a choice about whether to take medicine. Your job as a parent is to do what's best for them, and treating their illness is what's best for them. YTA

  26. She's 16. She knows what terminal means. I understand why her behavior upsets you, but you are definitely going to ruin your relationship with her if you let your pride get in the way of her relationship with her biological father. Soft YTA.

  27. Oh, your brother is good at life. He's over 50, didn't graduate, and has never held a job more than two months, but has all the liquor and games he wants? Sounds like a pretty nice deal.

  28. Not just yokozunas. When i got into sumo around 2006, ozekis like tochiazuma, kaio, chiyotakei, kotomitsuki, kotooshu and even lower ranking makuuchi wrestlers were a menace and would be ozeki in current era.

  29. I think if Shodai had to deal with a menstrual cycle, he'd be a lot tougher mentally.

  30. Yearning for the good old days of (checks notes) 2021?

  31. Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play? NTA

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