1. Because that is the music most people want to listen to. Running a radio station costs money, and if you can't convince your advertisers that there are a lot of ears on your station, you go bankrupt. You and 90% of your friends are not a good sample of all listeners as a whole.

  2. What could possibly go wrong by having a squadron of planes flying at mach 3 over a packed stadium in an urban area?

  3. I'd like to see that post, if it still exists. Whether you prefer an era where one guy's floor is 13-2 for years or one where you have no idea going into a basho who the competitors will be is a matter of personal preference, but sumo is a zero sum game. There's no real way to know whether the sanyaku is so balanced because none of them are that good or all of them are.

  4. But seriously, anyone know the launch coooodes?

  5. Same thing with most clothing. They are designed to fit okay on a large number of people rather than fitting great on a few.

  6. I was a little perplexed when I read that as "giant Macron".

  7. You didn't know that every basho Emmanuel Macron puts on 100 kg and flies to Japan to fight the champion on day 16?

  8. There was a point where the three Mongolian Yokozuna were competing only amongst themselves (mostly who could defeat Hakuho) and the odd wrestler like Kisenosato. Before the 3 era it was a brief period of Asashoryu-Hakuho (2005 was literally all Asashoryu).l

  9. From 2004-2006 Asashoryu won all but three yusho, and one of the misses was due to injury. Even Hakuho never managed 15/18, though he did have a four-year period where he got Y or JY in every basho.

  10. Probably not, unless Kirishima wins the yusho. There is no requirement for a yokozuna (especially with three solid ozeki below), but the JSA would prefer to have one.

  11. There were five sekiwake in July 1972.

  12. I won’t make a comment about “…there has been no history of favoritism…” but I will say, there are rikishi who became ozeki with 32 wins or even less, the last two of whom were actually Shodai and Asanoyama.

  13. At the time of those promotions, the top of the banzuke was looking a little ragged - Hakuho and Kakuryu were missing most or all of bashos, Goeido had just retired and Takakeisho, the only other ozeki, was kadoban at the time of Asanoyama's promotion. Both he and Shodai had really great last rolling years and JSA needed someone to promote.

  14. Oh man, I didn’t realize he went that far down. Thought they would hold him at Juryo given it was injury related. Ouch. Thanks for the info.

  15. Unless you are ozeki or yokozuna, missed tournaments are treated the same as if you got 0-15 (or 0-7) on the dohyo. It's probably one of the worst things about sumo.

  16. Yeah, his matchups were so brutal, literally starting with the boss level haha.

  17. Upper maegashira is always a meat grinder, because you can always expect to fight everybody ranked above you - and often the ozeki and yokozuna first.

  18. This always is crazy to me. I dont understand how it happens enough(probably every other flight) that companies and charge like that. Im not saying as the company, im saying as a person who spends money on flights, how do you mismanage your time where you miss flights.

  19. I've never personally missed a flight, but can think of many reasons why it might happen, from getting into an accident on the way to the airport to deciding not to go last minute.

  20. Atamifuji had to go back down to Juryo for a bit before he started shining. I wonder what changed for him though.

  21. It's pretty normal to have a bad first tournament in makuuchi. Even the difference between a M17 and J1 schedule is massive.

  22. Yes, your "signature" doesn't have to be your name. If you write an "X" the same every time you sign, that is as good as a signature.

  23. You can write "I don't agree to this contract" on the signature line and it's just as valid if you still performed all the other actions (exchanged money/goods/services etc.)

  24. The only signal that's being interrupted is "we should release an egg". During the period, the new lining is created and still needs to be sloughed after a month.

  25. Shodai got over promoted because of his ridiculously good year (yusho, two jun-yusho and five special prizes in five basho from November 2019 to September 2020) while the higher ranks were looking ragged due to injury, but I think staying in upper maegashira counts as a lot of success considering what your opposition looks like. You don't get a lot of easy matches in the joi. Has he been disappointing and frustrating - absolutely. He is still one of the best at sumo on Earth.

  26. July 1992 - January 1993, between Hokutoumi's retirement and Akebono's promotion.

  27. The key is "continuous". There have been many civilizations in Africa, the Middle East, etc., and they spent a lot of time fighting each other to extinction.

  28. Hokuseiho looked good the second week of September, but reverted to his old ways of "be big, do as little as possible" this tournament. His ceiling is very high, but he has to put in a lot of work to reach it.

  29. We put the huge piles of garbage in specific locations. They are landfills. Some of them are quite tall. Occasionally, they can be redeemed and turned into functional land, but for the most part, it is just the final destination for all our trash.

  30. There is no theoretical upper limit on the number of rikishi at each rank (though there is a minimum of two each for ozeki, sekiwake and komusubi), but the fact that sumo is a zero sum game keeps the sanyaku from getting too crowded, especially since the top 16 fight most of their bouts against each other. Though in

  31. Other way around. We know a huge depth about very specific things/areas, but there are vast swaths of the ocean we know nothing at all about.

  32. Tyro's comment may make more sense if taken literally - we know almost everything about the surface, but we don't have to go very deep before we hit ¯\(ツ)/¯.

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