1. Easy fix would be to go into the WEAP and remove the firing effect. That will also remove the sound and such though.

  2. Hey, thanks!. i went into firing effect from weapons then nulled particle systems

  3. Hopefully for some quiet hunting here in the future and also plinking at the range.

  4. I have one and its my deer rifle for the kids. I bring some sub sconics with me in an extra mag to take out them annoying red squirls or a yote.

  5. Got a 10.5 with VG6 eplsilon I'm excited to hear for the first time lol

  6. It will rattle your fillings. I sold my 10.5 and got a 12.5..

  7. I’m looking to do the same thing, i just bought a 1995 f150 302 and the engine has 177k miles on it. I was considering taking it all apart and building a stroker. But id like to be sure i can do it.

  8. I just rebuilt mine 1994 f150 but threw a carb on it and a b303 cam. Its crazy how much power it freed up. But i wish i got a 5.8 and built that.

  9. Are you flexing your hand muscles? Im not sure what you are trying flex here.

  10. What brand of 12.5? Some brands have the gas hole sized perfectly to where you dont need an adjustable gas block. My criterion core 12.5 is a good example

  11. There should not be any valve in the pump/sender hanger hat itself. There may be something stuck in the metal tube (corrosion or foreign object) or in the rubber line/tube/nipple that extends down into the tank. I would drop the tank and inspect. I have dropped more ford tanks than I can recall. It’s a simple process so long as there isn’t much fuel in the tank.

  12. I pulled the tank and pump. It seems like there is some sort of diaphragm and controled by a solenoid for the return. That must of failed

  13. Exactly.. id grab 40 random ones and throw em in a revolver and see if the pop. The. Go from there....

  14. The instruction are vague. It says its designed to be used with a mass air efi system, with stock oem distributor gear.

  15. I think you should use the steel distributor gear

  16. Thanks again for helping me its allot when you first get into it. And is sure nice to find someone willing to educate.

  17. I think it goes on the oil level sensor if yours is equipped

  18. Good try but its a few inches wide

  19. Major oil seal , car broken need a new one

  20. Its fine just get a sling and decent optic. And a brick of ammo

  21. Nice i like mine. But i get port pop and it causes my ears to still ring a little.

  22. Criterion if you have patience, BA if you dont.

  23. Just like vortex and criterion who also have awesome customer service

  24. Ooo ive had one for a few years now, They rock it shoots under an moa. And gassed excellently for supressed and un supressed.

  25. Do you have a link to where they advise against it?

  26. Evening fellow Humans. Ive been looking for this rifle for a few years and finally snaged one. Ruger ranch 300blk. Needing an optic preferably with a 300blk reticle. I really want another Nikon P300 but I cant find one anywhere and the PA SLX is only a 1-4...any ideas? Or maybe anyone have a P300 for sale?

  27. Primary arms makes a cool prism sight for 300 blk/7.62X39. i have the same gun but i use it for hunting and fun so its got a 10 power viper on it.

  28. Nice i had one but the ball berrings kept getting gummed up with junk from work.

  29. Assert dominance and bolt the press to the kitchen table.

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