1. Hopefully there are because I'm not impressed by the names that are circulating for Clark right now.

  2. I’d bet there’s another 3 or 4 choices that will end up screen testing. It’d just be way too predictable if it ended up being Corenswet…wouldn’t be mad if they chose him but I want someone to come out of nowhere

  3. A lot of people sleeping on Tom Brittney low key…if they gave him a wig that could definitely work

  4. All I’m gonna say is if Nicholas Hoult gets cast as Superman that will kill my hype for the DCU…if Corenswet or Brittney get cast I don’t mind

  5. I’ve never heard someone hate on Devito’s portrayal

  6. Give Christina Supergirl or something I want someone else for Brave and the Bold. Didn’t enjoy what she did with BOP and Batgirl was apparently horrible.

  7. I thought she was kinda mid in this movie…her performance wasn’t one of the things that elevated the film for me. Ezra and Keaton acted circles around her. I think they should just re cast, it’s not worth the trouble

  8. Yeah they hyped this film way too much but it was still good

  9. I don’t think phin mason needs to be included honestly she’s really just a character for the game continuity

  10. I like the two best friend dynamic with Phin and Ganke. She wouldn’t become the Tinkerer here tho

  11. I strongly disagree. Miles is half Puerto Rican. Its a large part of him and I think it's pretty messed up to imply that it's not and that it's not "essential" when going about fancasting for him.

  12. Peter Parker is supposed to be Jewish in the comics…Tom Holland isn’t Jewish and neither was Tobey yet you don’t hear any complaints about that🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. Idk about Christina Hodson for Brave and the Bold…I was hoping for Drew Goddard

  14. A horror film director taking on a Batman movie…definitely has potential🔥he made Keaton look like a badass in The Flash (Batfleck also had a great action sequence) and based on what I saw from that I could picture him doing the fantastical side of Bats. I’m interested to see how he handles the Bat Family too, hoping we can get this movie by 2026

  15. I personally think a modernized version of the curl is the way to go…like the one Brandon Routh had for Kingdom Come Supes

  16. Probably gonna get downvoted for saying this but Sasha was just okay/decent in The Flash IMO…feel like a lot of y’all are gassing her unnecessarily, I wouldn’t mind if they brought her back but I also wouldn’t care if they didn’t. Felt like her character didn’t have that much of an impact in the film

  17. People act like grace has no source at all. Despite some of our personal feelings towards her I can still acknowledge that she’s been right multiple times in the past.

  18. Grace isn’t a reliable source bruh…she said Clooney was DCU Batman and that Logan Lerman was going to be Superman like two months ago

  19. Change Joker’s design please Matt…it’s horrific

  20. I like how he brings his own unique look to Supes…Corenswet just looks like a Great Value Henry Cavill, no idea about this dudes acting ability tho

  21. It’s top 3-4 in the DCEU for sure. I liked it a little more than Shazam and TSS personally. Probably would rank it just below Wonder Woman

  22. I'm just asking because I've heard good things about it and I don't want to set up myself for disappointment.

  23. Best advice is to just go in with an open mind and judge for yourself, cause based on all the hype I went in expecting it to be Nolanverse tier of great. While it wasn’t that IMO it was still a good movie and an enjoyable watch

  24. I just hope Keaton gives a good enough performance and it doesn't feel phoned in or anything. With some of his lines in the trailers, he kinda just sounds... bored? And it's not like he's there doing the stunts either. Most of the action seems to be done with a stunt double or CGI model.

  25. Keaton had some bad ass scenes but he wasn’t really essential to the movie, they could’ve done Bale and it would’ve had the same effect

  26. Highly doubt she’s gonna be the Supergirl in Woman of Tomorrow…this is basically just an Elseworlds variant of Superman

  27. Jesse is only 35 but he looks a bit too old to play Guy

  28. Literally just sideline the Flash character for a couple years and reboot him in 2028 or something with a new actor…or start with Wally West in the DCU in a Titans movie and introduce a new Barry later, easy fix

  29. In a show with a Batman that is in his late 50s? Sure, this would work in an Elseworlds movie but if it’s in the DCU where Batman should be a huge player, he can’t be nearly 60 already.

  30. You realize they are going to have to condense the age gap in the DCU…Damian Wayne is showing up right away and they want a Batman in his 30s. Meanwhile they are skipping straight to Nightwing…So in this universe Dick Grayson would be in his early 20s while Bruce would be in his early to mid 30s

  31. I do realize this, yes. But having a 30 year old actor playing Dick might be pushing the boundaries of it. My favorite Dick castings are Wolfgang Novogratz, Rish Shah, or Aramis Knight, personally.

  32. Wolfgang is my Supes pick personally, but he’s 26. Chase Stokes is 30. 4 years really isn’t much of an age difference if at all visually. Also I thought it’d be better to have a bigger name play Nightwing since it would be his first live action appearance since the 90s

  33. Lmao this is a no brainer…unless Carr gets hurt Jameis doesn’t see the field this season. I’d say trade Jameis for Hunter Renfrow straight up. There are other guys we could bring in to take over that number two spot on the depth chart…Chase Daniel and Carson Wentz are both available

  34. This is a terrible idea.. this means if Carr gets hurt then the season is gone. Jameis at least gives you a chance.

  35. Hate to break it to you but if Carr gets hurt the season is over regardless. Jameis doesn’t make us competitive…Couldn’t even beat out Andy Dalton last season, saying he is the best QB2 in the league is laughable. Hunter Renfrow with Derek Carr at QB is a great player in a West Coast offense.

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