BBLGATE PART 2 (the best I could organize for an update currently. I’m going to organize all the screenshots I have this weekend)

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  1. Australia is a little bit bigger than Hong Kong.

  2. Depends upon the vibe and if a i find them attractive in general. I've had a cute guy with a thicc booty who I spent the night with the first time. He enjoyed cuddling and I enjoyed playing with his booty all night. win win. surprisingly, and maybe not surprisingly, was not tired at all the following day.

  3. The amount of people that price things on these online marketplaces based on what they paid for the item and not on the market value of the item is astounding

  4. This should be an optional service, like green waste is/was (although that's becoming more popular). Our house only use about a jar or two a month, no point in having a separate bin for that.

  5. My council gives us all glass bins that get collected fortnightly. I'd be happier to have one less bin in my little courtyard and walk down the street to a drop off point.

  6. The comments here are making me tear up bros. 🥲 Why do I not have guys like y'all in my area.

  7. maybe not a whole podcast but a segment like they were saying where Ethan is feeding someone lines from a separate location would be funny and it wouldn’t be without Ethan because they could just get have a camera on him where ever he’s at

  8. Can you deliver? it's dear daughters birthday.

  9. just looking for help dont need the attitude! NEXT!

  10. What exactly is a 'tight' hole? Sometimes I can't get the cock in and I need to put a but plug in, but after that I can handle a whole average dick in me.

  11. I think this is it. The 20 year olds today and even 30 have no concept of the news - seeing it in real time in the 80s. A 30 year old today was a 20 year old in 2010 with apps kicking off.

  12. The machine has a camera in the scanner. It's recording your face and the items. You can put a chicken through as sugar if you want but there is video evidence to prove otherwise.

  13. try weighing fruit or veg at woolies but blocking the scanner that's in front of you (not the one below the scales) - wait for the error - it'll show a grainy photo of your hand and the item.

  14. Well i'm glad I started using a retinol hand cream. At least these mittens will be looking fresh and supple.

  15. I don't know who you mean by planners, but if you're referring to the town planning side, the bulk amount of NDIS housing ("community care accomodation") that comes past my desk I would call a clear attempt at a money-making scheme by the landowner/developer to squeeze every buck from federal funding to improve the rent/value of the land.... They're becoming as common as the number of NDIS providers out there. NDIS as a market driven system is an absolute joke.

  16. I think they mean the NDIS decision makers/ policy officers.

  17. If you had an 80k deposit, would, and where would you buy a first home in Melbourne?

  18. If you had an 80k deposit, would, and where would you buy a first home in Melbourne?

  19. I wonder how many of the takers are hoarders.

  20. Talk about a bonfire. Folks in Camberwell always gotta be showing off.

  21. I know you’re not in an MLM, but even if you were, so fucking what? It’s your time to spend how you want, so why is she entitled to 10+ hours of it? Not to mention all that gas and caretaking she’s expecting you to cover like it’s nbd. Like… you don’t even know her. JFC.

  22. OP should message CB a few months down the track offering her a work 'opportunity'. 😂

  23. (actually, i get all my action here on Reddit.)

  24. I have a few friends that had divorced parents, and they all said this movie really helped with it growing up. Made them feel less alone and that it was okay it happened. That sometimes parents are not happy together and its not the kids fault.

  25. Kendall Rae because I know she’s a big fan of the show

  26. I'd like Jeff again but this time without talking so much about David or Logan. Let's just find out about Jeff!

  27. I agree. I was expecting the cancellation. Hbo flat out said they are not invested on kids/teens programming. They even canceled the degrassi reboot before it started

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