1. Not p.e maybe p.e revert?:or pe#6 either way past due try to get em tight b4 the veil tares good job either way man.

  2. We went up the rabbit hole busted through the top into the 5th dimension and rode a bobsled back down.. LMAO don't ask about the bobsled you had to be there. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. You should be ashamed of your self how could a 5 year old girl annoy you. You don't deserve to be in that little girls life and she sure as heck don't deserve you in hers. I wish I could tag your fiance. In this so he can save him self the years of misery your sure to stow upon him. I will pray for you, but mostly I will pray for that little girl.

  4. I'd say Mike Tyson everyone loves him and I can't stand him and Tom Brady too

  5. Muhammad Ali cause he was the man and the most generous person ever.

  6. So beautiful how do I become a trusted member so I can make posts too?

  7. I have some freebies too dm me if you guys want some testers

  8. The whole thing leading up to this point. Starting from spore? Isolatation? Mutating? Breeding? Spore isolate then growing out and cloning? Etc

  9. Multisport to agar fruit of pin from the agar clone it grow that out take a clone from your nicest cluster put that to agar transfer at least three times till you have type growth favor only tight growth not fast growth the trait you want is rizomorphic put two grain use popcorn no soak no simmer method and coffee grinds for inoculation points from grain spawn to a 32 quart monotub unmodified no holes Malabar likes it stuffy I keep my tent and 90 RH 75°other than that practice good sterile technique and that's pretty much it man I just been working this strain on agar for a while now and hit the jackpot on genetics

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