[Charania] Kyrie Irving is no longer a Nike athlete, Nike spokesperson says. The sides have parted ways one month after Nike suspended its relationship with the Nets star. Irving has one of most popular signatures shoes in the NBA and is now a sneaker free agent.

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  1. What’s even weirder is I bet that all of the outdoor stores in Portland will also tell you that their tents get stolen more than any other item.

  2. OP taking some real liberties with the use of “gorgeous” here..

  3. This is also true with salt and oil. Once you cut out or reduce those two things, every “normal” thing you eat tastes so salty and oily.

  4. Holy shit. You may have already figured this out but those KMFDM albums are worth decent money.

  5. Yah theses have all been added into discogs :D

  6. I have a copy of that KMFDM and it's great. You also have the out of print version that was pulled from the shelves after release due to a copyright infringement allegation. The band had to pull all copies and then re-released it with different cover art and retitled "Naive - Hell to Go." I was a huge KMFDM fan in my teens (~25 years ago) and I have three copies of the original out-of-print Naive - two on CD and one on vinyl.

  7. I actually subscribed to that sub just in case they post deals for places that have men’s stuff.

  8. This screenshot is so old that the kid with the Barbie is in college now.

  9. Who has the link to that famous comment here where the poster was in an Uber with corporate employees of this company?

  10. It's actually weird how Reddit continues to circlejerk about how no one actually cares about this outside of the internet every time it comes up outside of the internet.

  11. I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. I’m not saying that people don’t think “Latinx” is dumb, I’m saying that it’s only ever brought up by people who complain about it. It’s a giant straw man that conservatives use to rile each other up.


  13. Zach Bryan is good and I like his stuff, but among the larger scene I don’t understand why he was “the chosen one” to enjoy mainstream success.

  14. I really like him and this is not at all a diss on him but I feel like he was one of those “about to become big” guys for a really long time so people loved the idea that they knew an artist that they thought nobody else knew about.

  15. I can testify: I used to be the person who tried to make everyone like me. It is not possible. I still make every attempt to be a great coworker but if you don’t like me, that’s fine too.

  16. I feel like I try to get them to like me but not because I really care if they do or don’t like me, I just see it as a challenge to myself to see if I can do it. The end result ultimately means nothing but it can be fun as long as you don’t really care about the outcome.

  17. Probably the opposite - on call 24/7 with no real days off.

  18. It's basically like that one friend who takes 20 minutes to tell a 1 minute story. The story might be great but you're just exhausted by the amount of unnecessary detail.

  19. Man that's rough. Obviously the guy who pulled the trigger made a huge mistake and should be held accountable but imagine thinking that you're just making a dumb joke and you instantly lose your career, roommate, best friend, freedom. All gone in a split second.

  20. his freedom won’t be gone. he’ll get a slap on the wrist. thin blue line and all that.

  21. I don't know that you get those same protections when the person you kill is also a cop.

  22. Is that a good deal for A Plague Tale: Innocence? Never played it but everyone says that's a good one if you love Hellblade, which I did.

  23. A financial stance masquerading as a moral stance

  24. 100% this. I'm from Portland and Nike's president is one of most influential people in the state. Dude donated a boat load of money to Democrat opponents during the midterms for governor. This is simply a business decision.

  25. Yep, the world protecting, innovative, technology and medicine proving fucking Murica !

  26. None of those things require us to be so obese as a country though.

  27. Then what was the point of you bringing up those things in direct response to the guy pointing out how obese the men are?

  28. I love Huberman but there's zero chance he'd go on DDAD or YMH.

  29. This post has 1.2k upvotes and 300k views. You’re claiming that 0.01% of all people who saw this post went online and bid on the auctions you were watching. That’s unlikely to be related.

  30. People are recommending taking measurements, but I don't think you could customize your jeans? How does this work? Also most of the japanese jeans I saw seem pretty baggy on the body, either from the display pictures or from the fit pictures in this sub, but I pretty a very slim fit, do you know which raw denim brand sells that?

  31. You have to basically ignore the stock photos and go by measurements only. I bought some denim from Bears Tokyo and their models are built like the average Japanese man - somewhat short and thin. I’ve lifted weights for over 20 years so I basically have the exact opposite build than that of a Japanese guy. The pair I bought almost look like JNCOs on their model but look like a slim/straight on me.

  32. What did you wind up getting? I lift regularly and my go-to denim, which is APC New Standard, is getting too tight in the thigh. Looking for something new.

  33. I got the Japan Blue J401. I've had them for about 6 months now and really like them. I think they ended up being like $106.00 from Bears Tokyo with free shipping which you really can't beat.

  34. I meant Polish not polish or polished.

  35. Sorry, I misunderstood. I meant to say, no, she’s kind of Dull.

  36. There’s an entire subreddit for this you might want to check out…

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