1. Came to comment to ask this question.

  2. I think you got a pretty solid itinerary there, friend. 😁👍 You're gonna be posting pictures, right?

  3. I'll be glad to. Once we finish up with Rainier we're going to crash in Seattle for a couple of days and then embark on an Alaska Cruise. The only thing I wish I could fit in is North Cascades NP. I just can't make it work.

  4. In Seattle, I would definitely head to Ravenna Park. There's a trail along a creek bed. It's so far down and densely foliated that you can forget you're in the city. It's a great place to see small owls, too.

  5. The way you worded the title it sounds like you are going to try to hit YS, GT, and Glacier all in one week. If that is what you intend on doing.... DON'T!!

  6. No need to keep it if you can't afford to shoot it😉

  7. Avon (kinnekeete) stay there. You'll be in the middle of nags head and Ocracoke

  8. Thanks, I'll see what I can find there.

  9. Check out ACE Adventure Resort that's near the New River Gorge. Lots of cool stuff for a 12 year old to do. Hawks Nest that's there as well is worth a visit.

  10. ACE is getting recommended a lot

  11. This may sound harsh but, Pick something small/portioned (sugar free gelatin cup etc) & a large glass of water- then GO TO BED! You can’t binge if you’re asleep 😴 Gotta break the pattern & sleep is extremely important - it also gets easier to recognize cravings vs actual hunger as you continue with keto. If you’re consistently actually hungry before bed make it a point to get enough real food throughout the day then you will know it’s your old habit/ cravings driving you not true hunger. Whatever you pick be sure to portion it out so you can’t over do it. Think of it as guard rails that prevent you from going over the self control cliff. For instance- Pork rinds are great but they have calories & carbs, as do all foods. There is no magical safe binge food. Binging is a disfunctional habit and not something you want to encourage even if it was lettuce. I am not saying don’t enjoy a snack, if it fits in your macros for the day its safe - the end. Just don’t feed the beast if that’s something you have an issue with already, it can derail your progress which can be very disheartening after working hard on making good decisions all day.

  12. 2 weeks with no beer or bourbon.

  13. I do not. I use titegroup, autocomp, and true blue.

  14. Love it in 358 win and 35 rem. No experience in 223.

  15. Please share your experience with it in 35rem

  16. Rem corelokt 200 gr bullets. Getting 2250 fps and 2.5 inch groups from a 1952 remington 760 with a very modest load. Could be pushed faster but my groups opened up in that particular gun.

  17. Ok. Good to know. I'll be loading for a marlin 336

  18. You're lucky. When I went, even up there was crowded with people. The over crowding in yellowstone really killed it for me. Still 6th on my np rank, but still

  19. So far it's grand teton, Yosemite, zion, channel islands, and kings canyon. Though I'm going to olympic this year and I have a feeling it'll be on top

  20. I've been to YS and Teton, but not the other 4

  21. I really like the Henry. That's the first modernized lever I've seen that I like the looks of.

  22. Does it say 30-30 or 30wcf?

  23. Thanks. I used a little bit of everything. Some oil, wd40, brake cleaner, hoppes, bore paste, and steel wool.

  24. Gotcha. I have one I need to clean up

  25. You win! It should shoot fine. As for light loads, look into cowboy action loads.

  26. Do you mind sharing the first couple of digits of your serial #? I'd like to verify I'm looking at correct data. Mine is 9055

  27. Jesus, I found where all the lever guns are going. Just Kidding, beautiful collection. Can’t go wrong with brass.

  28. I like how low that sits, I bought a scope w/ a mount included and it almost needs a cheek riser.

  29. I used burris low rings with mine. Lines up great

  30. My earlier post had an emphasis on ham.

  31. What time should we be there?

  32. What temperature do you smoke your hams on to get them looking that good.Also how long do you smoke them

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