1. The restaurant at Playa Forti is good and has some great views. Playa Piskado is the beach where you can swim with sea turtles. It’s really rocky, so it’s not a great beach for hanging out at for awhile.

  2. SDI has a much better reputation in regards to well trained divers than PADI ever will. Its roots are from TDI which is primarily tech diving training. PADI is way more popular for sure but I'd imagine anyone who is looking to hire someone in the diving industry would be very confident in hiring a SDI/TDI certified diver. In my opinion they actually did you a favor with giving an SDI cert. Also in my opinion PADI isn't taken very seriously these days with regard to knowledgeable instructors.


  4. FYI that is a chinese light that lots of companies rebadge.

  5. 100% correct. Regardless it’s a cheap good light. I’ve used mine quite a bit and it hasn’t failed yet.

  6. I just got back there from 2 months of diving. Rent a car for your stay--Platinum Car Rentals will give you a fuel efficient car for $25 a day. I recommend AOW to get the best out of some of these dives.

  7. Awesome. Thanks. We have a rental car reserved already. I’ll definitely take a look at your suggestions.

  8. Crack the window and turn on the AC/Fan on the feet only setting.

  9. I bought 2 different bands. 1 of them the pins failed after a couple of months. The second one both of the rubber keepers (not sure of the official name) that hold the tail part in place broke off after a few months as well.

  10. If the strap is still good you can get some keepers from aliexpress for little money

  11. Oh cool. That’s good to know. Thanks

  12. I would highly recommend you book directly through the airline. You could use google flights and if your dates are flexible you can play with the date graph on there to find the cheapest flight(make sure you select business class in the filters). Also if you have the time you could apply for a travel credit card that offers a nice points bonus upon signing up…. Use that card for all your spending to build up points and then Use those points to book the flight (or a portion of it). You can head over to

  13. Another thought on Scott’s and thrifty traveler. They are strictly letting you know when random flight deals pop up leaving from your home airport. You cannot select a specific destination or book through them. They are very good for folks who travel often and have flexibility with travel dates and location.

  14. Funny story...I travel often and have been using this AirTag hack since they came out. Last year I was leaving the Bahamas flying home to NY. I had checked a bag containing fairly expensive scuba gear. Upon landing in NY my AirTag was showing it was in some random house in Nassau Bahamas. however my American airline app showed that my bag was scanned onto the aircraft and arrived in NY. My bag did in fact arrive in NY, I took inventory of my gear and nothing was missing... only the AirTag. the thief must of seen the apple logo and did not know what it was and just stole it. little did they know I had a few thousand dollars worth of dive gear in that bag. American airlines reimbursed me for the AirTag. And no, I did not bother notifying the Bahamian authorities, that would of been useless I'm sure.

  15. That's cool! Personally, I would make it my life's mission to get that AirTag back, nor because it's worth (x) amount of dollars, but some stupid person thought they could steal my stuff and get away with it. But either way, I'm surprised you got reimbursed! I think American is known to steal money like frontier/spirit.

  16. Well being that I had the persons exact address it did cross my mind. Especially that I’m in the Bahamas pretty often. However it’s in a pretty rough part of town and my local friends said the authorities wouldn’t entertain it.

  17. There’s a good group on Facebook “living in Mexico with a dd214”. Should find some helpful info there.

  18. Thanks man. I’ll check out that Patagonia.

  19. I take xyzal on a regular basis. It keeps my hives under control for the most part. I usually only take 1 or 2 a day. My Dr said I can safely take up to 4 a day but will experience extreme drowsiness.


  21. Relax your chest and abs to let the pressure go to normal. What you are trying to do here is focus on filling as much as possible on the inhale to inflate little sacs in your lungs.

  22. 32 wide mouth Nalgene with the life straw insert. Makes it easy to just fill up with tap water wherever I am.

  23. I do... any nicks i get go away after the shower and i feel like my face is fresher cause it washes it better... then i put on aftershave post shower

  24. - Noise cancelling headphones (bring a blue tooth transmitter or headphone cord so you can connect to the in-flight entertainment)

  25. Lubricating nose spray and eye drops.

  26. I’m 6’3 280lbs. I use a Farpoint 40 with 2 packing cubes for every trip no matter how long. It’s all about how much stuff you bring and how you pack it. Quality over quantity when it comes to travel gear/cloths.

  27. Can definitely bring them back, but I think 100 is the limit.

  28. Can’t bring Cubans back. You could bring back less than 100 cigars that don’t have a band or other identifying marks tho.

  29. We booked it a week or so in advance through her website.

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