1. I just got that Exotic, but I'm pretty clueless on the titan hammer build. (more so on which mods to use) Also, my Hallowed has crap stats!

  2. https://youtu.be/zb--gh7eoVk

  3. Brooklyn Grey is the brunette. London River is the MILF. RK Moms Bang Teens scene

  4. This explains a lot, thanks! I was having the same problem, but I was using Ares after double jumping!

  5. Pretty much the whole final act of Clerks 3

  6. there's a great appearance much later on with corey and rose mcgowan in the studio. check it out.

  7. I have admittedly weak Google skills, but every video I found has been taken down. If you have a link could you PM it to me?

  8. It's the full video, so idk if the funny is all the way through, or you gotta find it.

  9. I don't know what the meta is, but what I've been doing:

  10. I did exactly this after many many headaches trying to solo it. Great strat!

  11. If you could help me and my party out with the Morgoth part of last wish raid (were after the egg) then I’d be up for helping you with wishender)

  12. I've run it twice, so I'm no expert, but I'm always up for helping

  13. Sure, add me on PSN, I’ve got 3 friends, so you’ll be number 5, just need one more and we’ve a full fireteam Psn: ExDemonHunter Once we’ve 6 people I’ll organise a time and date that suits everyone

  14. I'll add when I get on later. I got mine done, but I'm ok to help you w whatever needed

  15. I'll come help, but next time try to use either

  16. What is your Bungie ID, I'll join off that.

  17. Legion-specifically the episode where Legion experiences all the alternate realities with himself.

  18. Oh, it won't be till tonight. If thats not good though I'm off all weekend

  19. Not scared but disturbed, the blumhouse film (,not the anime lol) Hunter Hunter. The ending ... really gets under your skin ... those who've seen it will know. The movie itself was meh ... but that ending

  20. I thought the same thing. You could actually feel the emotion from the actress. That and Saint Maud both stuck with me

  21. Yes, it stuck with me for awhile

  22. Ah, Gymkata. The heyday of cheesy action stars. That one was pretty bad but fun!

  23. I'm not sure if it was improvised, but Vinnie Jones's "I'm the Juggernaught, bitch!" in X-Men Last Stand was pretty bad (and his Juggernaught was already hitting big lows!)

  24. The book Falling Angel (and it's fallow up Angel's Inferno) by William Hjortsberg gives a lot of backstory to all of this, as the book is what the movie was based on. It also clears a lot up.

  25. Megan is Missing is one that I don't recommend to anyone, and it's not even a particularly good movie! It really just seems cruel to be cruel.

  26. 53. I started last year w the NECA horror line, and have branched out to normal NECA and X-Men (much to the chagrin of my wallet!)

  27. We're all going to the World's Fair

  28. I wonder how much money these girls could pull off the internet vs actually wrestling and how long the wrestling fans could stick around + indy/fan fests...

  29. Toni Storm supposedly made more in a few months from her Only Fans then in a year w WWE, so I guess there's a market!

  30. Thanks! I sent a message we shall see how it goes!

  31. Once you Hekili you never got back.

  32. Is this better than Maxdps? I keep seeing both pop up in regards to rotation.

  33. Unfamiliar with Maxdps, but I do use Hekili. The priorities are imported straight from SimC so it comes down to the predictive engine the addon has employed being able to effectively provide guidance based on the SimC and the current/future state of the fight. That said, I've never had issues with Hekili, but I will caution that the addon will get you to ~80-90% of the way there depending on fight. Mechanics are what make the suggestions "suggestions", so you will need to know enough to know what's best to do in any given moment regardless of what the addon is telling you to do. But it does make it easier to focus on mechanics over staring at bars/CDs/proc flashes.

  34. I have a Invisible man I got thru a online toy dealer (shoutout to Toy Euphoria!) I've given up on BBTS. I joined a few FB groups (NECA and some other fan pages) and have found they get a lot of this stuff legit before them. Also got the Splinter van Helsing and the Glow in the Dark Frankenstein a while before he started popping up in Target. You could give that a try.

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