Xbox is still UNPLAYABLE on next gen

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  1. What dash cam do you have? I’m very interested in a purchase

  2. REDTIGER Dash Cam 4K Car Camera Front UHD 2160P with Wi-Fi

  3. Which one exactly, there are a handfull. Appreciate it!

  4. Darn, I had to see this post right after the deals refreshed .-.

  5. Very busy means almost nothing to my knowledge. Scheduling doesn’t make much a difference since 99% of customers don’t schedule an order, they just order.

  6. please, enough with the hemlok skins, we already have too many

  7. And the thicc boi wingman skins /:

  8. Beasts of Pray. As in I pray to God that Loba gets her heirloom.

  9. Claws for loba heirloom confirmed

  10. She was pouring as if she was putting out a fire. Maybe pour a little slower.

  11. Thought that was a blanket at first glance

  12. Just YouTube skeleton mob grinder. It’s a simple build really, just need a water elevator

  13. Alternator - flatline. Alternator as long range and flatline as my close typically

  14. POV: When you only play once a month

  15. if you get the clear water tweak on vanilla tweaks it'll be pretty close to the same, or any mod that makes water clear

  16. But the floor of signs won’t be

  17. Reason for this could be the only applicable tool has mending and you don't want to break it but still can Anti-AFK at a stone gen near an iron farm like myself.

  18. It’s almost guaranteed this issue isn’t going anywhere for awhile. It’s not shop related, so no quick fix.

  19. It does affect their revenue though, as most players won’t be playing leading to a decrease

  20. That’s cool. Imma go try it.. wait I can’t.

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