1. Several green algae names. The AI can't comprehend them ah grows its own things

  2. I see, so like "Chlamydomonas" would work?

  3. What kind of prompt did you use for these?

  4. I thought there had to be some giant Megaraptorans and Abelissaurids in the southern continents. Then we discovered Maip and that giant Abelissaurid from Kenya, so that came true.

  5. Komodo dragon? Perhaps even Varanus priscus?

  6. Well; the scale bar in the Titanichthys skull drawing was 10cm. So the head (without that neck piece) seems about 35cm. Which isn’t huge. So I reckon you have a decimal in the wrong place and 3.5m long seems more legit for a head this size.

  7. With a ruler, I estimated the Orbital-opercular length at ~45 cm, which, looking at the graph included in the paper, is in the range shown. But the body length I got was off the domain of the graph, so I think maybe my math was wrong in the calculation part. I don't know why though, since I used their equation. maybe they wrote down the equation incorrectly?

  8. On the topic of the new Dunkleosteus paper, I ran some numbers from it for Titanichthys and got a really surprising result...

  9. Absolutely within the scope of natural selection 👍

  10. Syngamic? Is that the same way Earth creatures reproduce?

  11. This is an incredible design. What's their technology like? Are they spacefaring? Do they have some form of society/culture? What is it like?

  12. If you ever see something like this, always remember carp don't do anything super weird. It's just animal abuse. The dude literally entombed some helpless fish in mud so he can pull them out while they're suffocating so he can get views.

  13. Pictured: Hooi’brennit, Chief of the Murrowfolk, a nomadic swamp people who dwell in the Blackloam Ring and trade with the various human tribes who live here.

  14. Why's there so much amber in the swamps?

  15. Really there's no way to tell from fossils, so any answer would simply be a guess.

  16. As an animal, it shouldn't need something spectacular to stand out from its kin. It's just a bit much.

  17. Also, deinonychus wasn't a "velociraptor clone". Imagine calling a wolf just "another dog clone".

  18. This reason was created as a joke and is not meant to be used. If a mod removes your post for this reason, tell

  19. Creature showcase of the day: a small skimming horseshoe crab from the jello sea that eats the amoebic covering in the deeper parts of the inland sea

  20. Man, an ocean of amoebas that is grazed by animals on the surface? What an original idea, never seen this one before!

  21. I like the small maps. Not much empty space

  22. This might be one of the best things to come off this subreddit, this creation of mine. Good work 👍

  23. Not ecology, but a similar science. I once thought paleontology was like this as well, but I met the exception. He never went to college and on weekdays he worked at his dad's furniture store, and on weekends works in the lab of a museum.

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