1. Not a state or federally owned highway/road. As a result that is not the property of CDOT, but of the city in which OP may live. You will have to call the corresponding city and there police department.

  2. Amazing. I knew cheyene was part Colorado. Quick, we must keep it local!!

  3. No, but I don’t think your decision was the best either. You never know what the other driver could be going through mentally, and if you confront and it irritates a person who isn’t mentally well, you can but your life at stake.

  4. You are so offensive 😤 real natives call them mountains ( amazing view btw 😍)

  5. How did you get the extra medium between the straight ahead line and left turning lanes? There is also one on the bottom of the T between the left and right turn lines.

  6. Intersection marking tool. You can creat fillers with it , as well as lines, ect

  7. Ah yes, the not unenforced speeds limits of Denver tech center. Classic

  8. I'm curious as to what makes this transit based, unless you are considering highway as transit as apposed to non-motor vehicle transit like public transit walking and biking.

  9. Bus transit,tram, metro? This development is biased off of real American type residential biased transit, so yes there is highway.

  10. Great attention to details and commitment to layout! In your downtown Res area, do you just plant a ridiculous amount of trees on each block, or are there parks all over?

  11. I plant I ridiculous amount of trees but I also do green spaces and small parks.

  12. US-36 isn't a continuation of 270, it was built before 270 existed.

  13. I’m sure the state wanted it to be…that’s all I got. But as people said it doesn’t full fit the definition

  14. 6 lanes for 3 cars, typical american rural road, 2 times wider than an european highway lol, nice detailing

  15. Yes that’s true, but at least there is no space consuming interchange, rather an at grade one.

  16. The way that the intersect is made is crap and that is doesn’t help people not the best at driving

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