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  1. um, The Home Depot? Hot spot for pigeons and there nests.

  2. If you are ok with using mods, prop remover would go a looooong way with what you have. It is an amazing build!

  3. Thanks - I've used quite a few mods to build this, but do you mean the signs? I quite like them as it's a commercial thoroughfare so the signs add to that character.

  4. If you got the look you want, go with it! I would, if I were you, get that mod. The only reason is that it to me, looks like a historic district or area, not one with a ton of LED billboards and ads. If you were trying to reach the likelihood of something else then that is fine as well. As long as you are happy with your results!

  5. I recommend watching with sound muted, as the footage is set to "sad" music.

  6. Though it is bad it is better than a minute and 1/2 of chopper blades or silence.

  7. Well that is just my opinion. You might not like or well apparently alot of people with how many downvotes lol. You are totally fine on having a different opinion.

  8. No offense but those props look horrible. Maybe the scale is too large but I think the ones I used

  9. The only information you have to give is License, Registration, Insurance, Your name, and who the owner of the car is (presumably you)

  10. Would you have to tell them where you are going if you had a red license?

  11. Red lisence as on you can only legally drive to/from your house and school/work (a couple more exceptions).

  12. One option is to use some assets off the worship. They automatically don't spend vanilla props.

  13. If it is helpful, I'm trying to make a city with a California/Arizona theme, by the ocean.

  14. Denver Colorado. Google search says province as Denver...? So take that as u will.

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