1. Just kidding I just opened my second redemption and it’s a sparkle pack too. They got me twice

  2. For too long I thought this was a troll painting of right-wing personalities. Middle-to-right: Mike Lindell, Don Jr, Sarah Huckabee, Jordan Peterson.

  3. My quick go-to winter office attire is finally recognized as a status symbol.

  4. Why are almost all the surface grades below a 9?

  5. Good start. It's always fun to experiment and find cards you like to collect. My advice would be to try not to collect EVERYTHING. Focus your energy - and money - on a handful of specific things (players, teams, sets, etc.) then grow from there.

  6. Considering the set, you are possibly looking at max value. Once Panini rolls out their Spring/Summer releases, Leaf products should nosedive in value.

  7. How much are they asking for it? If it is considerably under market value, then you may have cause for concern. But it looks like an older version of their labels to me.

  8. It's his oversized shirt. Google this card, they all look the same.

  9. Pulled from an Absolute Blaster. Can’t find any comps or any similar listings of other Gold Star RC /25 so I’m pretty lost on putting a value on it raw rn. What’s my move here boys? Worth grading? Selling raw? Holding until he comes back next year? I’m all ears my dudes

  10. For most players, their value peaks while they are still a rookie - especially defensive players. Once a new draft class is on the market, collectors have new toys to play with.

  11. Amen to that 4 step process 💯 I definitely agree value is generally peak when they still rookies, but Breece’s situation with being out of sight out of mind with torn acl making me ponder waiting til reports start coming out saying shit like “looks as explosive & dynamic as ever”

  12. My bad man, I though this was a Sauce Garner rookie. I'd still sell bc RBs come and go in this league.

  13. Cliff Branch was the only recover to get in last year. Maybe all the eligible receivers are splitting up votes?

  14. Oh let me take the football outta my mouth. Didn’t realize he was that prolific statwise over the course of his career.

  15. I'll trade either the Optic or Prizm for the Holo

  16. True but Purdy was also not invited to the NFLPA Rookie Premier. So there will not be as many Purdy cards on the market.

  17. Surprised y'all didn't get kicked out when you initially draped it over the ledge and covered the game clock below your seats.

  18. Misleading title. This Twitter page hasn't posted in 10 years so not an official post regarding World Cup dress code.

  19. I saw these advertised on Reddit and wanted to give them a try. I think these are a great idea as they can make your PC pop at a price point less than grading. I went to the website and searched through all their products. Ended up purchasing a 3-pack of 130pt toploaders for some of my favorite Andre Johnson cards.

  20. I cannot find a Brees auto that has the cursive "r" that perfectly defined. Also the angle of the "L" in the Larry autograph looks a bit too slanted and narrow.

  21. I'm an Astros fan and this was cringe to read.

  22. I apologize to you, only. Im born and raised in NY as a METS FAN. They're my boys forever. I was not born in Texas, sir, but I got here as fast as I could. Resident since 2000 between Htown and Austin. Wonderful cities of culture and CLASS. hands dictionary, open to the letter C, to the philthy phans

  23. I will represent the entire city of Houston and say you are no longer allowed to talk smack on our behalf. Stop being weird and enjoy the victory.

  24. Who also happened to open his stores to thousands of citizens rendered homeless during Harvey. I was one of those citizens, so don’t come after Mack. He is class.

  25. How is this getting down voted? Mack did more for this city during Harvey than our biggest pastor. I don't agree with him 100% but he gives back to the community tenfold.

  26. These are underrated. Design is off the charts yet some how people are still obsessed with different color cards …

  27. It's the acetate borders that does it for me. I put these in snap cases to make the edges uniform and it looks like it's floating.

  28. Thanks to everyone that has been trading with me, this community is awesome!

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