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  1. This was the baitiest thing since bait was invented.

  2. The manga it’s from? That title might have to go to A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow

  3. This one was really Selling the yuri, like really really until last like 3 chapters and nothing changed…

  4. But the yuri is cannon though? So that kind of invalidates it from being bait?

  5. I take it the no context is the Eldritch horror in the background

  6. It's a problem that comes up often in manga/anime series and sometimes with superhero comics.

  7. And (not necessarily a problem, but) it comes up frequently in rpgs

  8. Yeah, I didn't mention that because it's often the point. Struggle to kill an ogre at an early level. Slay them by the dozen at later levels.

  9. First quest you’re taking care of a slime infestation for your neighbor. Last quest you kill god.

  10. Sentinel the x-men big robots that exterminate mutants?

  11. I guess subversion of Class S is not quite correct anyways. It is more discussed, and it is not used as comedy. The early chapters don't worry much about sexuality at all, and it's much more about a former friendship that broke apart for various reasons, several characters who are not true to themselves (again, for various reasons, both good and "bad").

  12. Class S is the whole idea of homosexuality, especially among girls, being this sort of "practice"/"just a phase" thing you do in school, but then grow out of and go on to "real" (read: comphet) relationships.

  13. Oh thank you!! Do you know if it stands for anything?

  14. Is it really sad? Does it have a dark ending?

  15. It isn’t finished, it isn’t so much sad as… super dark

  16. i've been reading that manga for a while so i'm a bit happy about it

  17. The further into that manga you make it, the more explicit it gets it feels like

  18. who cares about the horny i find the manga hilarious honestly

  19. That outfit looks incredible! As well as everything else of course, but !!


  21. I can’t speak for Apocalypse. I think Mahou Shoju Site has a different approach to drama. It condenses real life problems of children and shows how coping by escape can go. It targets much darker parts.

  22. But I feel like Site was just edgy for the sake of being edgy at some points

  23. Easy I got introduced to anime with Elfenlied and I started to look up the most gory series there are Daughters of Rin, Hellsing, Deadmen Wonderland, some 80s movie I don’t remember, Higurashi, Akama ga kill, Akira and so on. Some years later I got back into anime and looked up what

  24. Honestly I think the anime for site had a better ending than the manga

  25. Yoda is everything that is wrong with Star Wars philosophy. God, how I loathe him.

  26. I haven’t been following pippa recently but she seemed to fun and interesting, what’s this about her being an open transphobe??

  27. Aren’t they also some of the smartest types spiders?

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