1. Rihanna is the only one who looks actually good in that dress. Keira looks the worst and Kristen doesn't look that great either. Personally I've always LOVED Blake's sparkling dress and she does look good in it imo

  2. Wait to find out how much Jennifer Lawrence resembles Katniss Everdeen

  3. Maybe she was just upset her child did something "sexual". Many parents are actually like this. They prefer not to know whether their kids are sexually active or not

  4. My parents have always been transparent and always made us understand that me and my sister weren't in fact in the plans and now we like troll them 🤣

  5. I'd say yes. I'm one of those people whose emotions you can see written in their faces

  6. She's actually 5'10". So does that G vibe translate more to D in the tall types?

  7. I don't know her I based my opinion on the height OP reported

  8. It would be nice. There are hints that they will get back together and the love bugs would be cute to see

  9. Agreed. Though I think Jay's 120% all in devotion is also blinding himself to realizing that while some types of change/influences are great, he doesn't need to redefine himself.

  10. Jay is obviously insecure and after his romantic disappointments (Jessi, Lola and Charles Lu) I think he wanted to make things perfect in order to not screwing things up with Matthew. But Matthew was right. It's not fair changing every aspect of yourself just for someone else, especially if that person likes you for who you are

  11. they both have that classy essence but margot's features are much bolder and more dramatic imo so it's hard for me to consider them similar, grace kelly's features are much visually lighter

  12. I was talking about general resemblance I wasn't saying Margot has that Classic essence Grace had. Margot has a rather N essence

  13. i didn't mean kibbe essence specifically that's why i said 'classy' lol but her features are very well-structured/symmetrical, she could have natural essence as well

  14. I've read she has a regal/classic essence, which explains why she's always cast in period movies

  15. When she was promoting her movie Colette a couple years ago she said that she prefers starring in period dramas rather than movies set in the modern era so I believe it's more like she picks the roles and the movies she stars in thanks to her star power rather than producers actually casting her according to what she said in the interview. I agree on her Classic essence though. I can see why she was chosen as a brand ambassador for Chanel

  16. That’s more early 2000s. And yes, we did the suuuper low rise + crop top combo pretty hard back then. Britney Spears was the inspo and OG for this look

  17. …my dumbass read “5.9 feet” and said 5’9 haha. Thanks for the correction!

  18. Both of these ladies look more D to me. Elongated angular and narrow, I don’t really see curve.

  19. I've seen the Sheikha in other pics (she has an amazing sense of style by the way) and I agree that she is SD but for Bella I think she is pure D. I honestly don't understand people who see SD in her just because she has hips

  20. Don't you really have a reason to dislike him? I mean he's a technically a predator

  21. I was babysitting my little cousin like one month ago and she was watching tv but she was too close to it and I told her to sit further or she would've needed glasses. She said "shut up you're distracting me and by the way I'd still be pretty with glasses unlike you" 🥲

  22. It sounds true. A child like that is a puppet, a doll, a robot or something like that because he was forced into believing in those ideals not raised

  23. Maybe she is more of a petite FN (Google says she's 5'4")?

  24. It really does💀 These are cartoon characters all with teeny tiny waists and similar drawn shoulders and ribcages and other proportions…how is it even possible that people are arguing over fictional characters’ proportions

  25. My intention was to just have fun on these fictional characters who were the protagonists of our childhoods and I don't see where the actual arguments are to be honest (people said their opinions mindful of the fact they're just drawings with obvious unrealistic proportions). Like I said this is not to be taken seriously and if you don't like it then you could just ignore it I'm not breaking any rules

  26. I wanna make it clear that you’re free to post whatever you want (of course lmao) and that I wasn’t trying to say that you were breaking the rules or anything lol, but it was just funny seeing people say that ___ cartoon character is __ ID, because they’re into books or are “sexy”. Again, I get that it’s for fun and you’re not being serious, but I personally don’t see how/why people are using Kibbe on cartoon characters that could end up being whichever ID/“typing” off of straight up stereotypes about the ID because there’s nothing else to go off of

  27. Now I think I can understand you better thank you for explaining. Yes I saw that comment and I did find it weird (for lack of a better word at the moment) but I didn't focus on it because again these are just drawings and I don't really want to argue about trivial things like this one. I'm sorry I didn't understand what you said before

  28. I have an unusually high tolerance to alcohol and pain medications. I'm not a druggo or alcoholic, but im a big lad. Went to hospital with a burst appendix and they maxxed out morphine and fentanyl and was still completely lucid. I can also drink half a bottle of whisky and my wife cant tell, and i sobre up quickly. She gets weirded out by it.

  29. I'm like this but randomly can you remember exactly when they told you/you found out as well?

  30. Funny how combining them takes away the uniqueness of their individual appeal

  31. Once me and my bff tried to combine Angelina Jolie (the most beautiful woman according to her) and Scarlett Johansson (most beautiful woman according to me) and the mixture was indeed gorgeous but kinda disappointing because you couldn't see uniqueness anymore

  32. FN is certainly possible, she and Anya Taylor-Joy and Florence Pugh. The 26 year olds Kibbe can’t figure out.

  33. I'm gonna figure all them out one day! Especially Anya who I love

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