1. Impressed! What's your height? Defo lots of growth hormone in your system!

  2. That's awesome! Congrats to the both of you :)

  3. I like the idea of what he does and he executes it pretty well, but he went too viral and has started getting popular even amongst people who have never touched a gym. Now it’s just a deluge of shitty takes, cheap circlejerks, and fragile men trying to play victim.

  4. Yeah, the first few videos I saw of him I was like "oh nice", but now I'm not a fan.

  5. im at my heaviest weight, 190lbs and have never been stronger haha. Core musculature has always been my strong suit and my arms look good...i just want crazy jay cutler or ronnie coleman veins ha

  6. Thanks! I've tried setting my seat slightly higher and posted a video in another comment!

  7. Based on the video that looks like an appropriate height.

  8. This is such poor advice that is not helpful.

  9. I doubt it will be Alfa based on the upcoming tri series.

  10. What are your bets for manufacturer then?

  11. They are Jordan 1 Highs in the "Lost and Found" colorway.

  12. Yum, almost as good as the cacio I had with dinner

  13. Lifting from your knees is easy with dumbbells over 100lbs + and I’ve had knee surgery wft are you on about

  14. We can play a game of who’s DB pressed the most if you’d like, but this style of setup would be undoubtedly easier.

  15. There’s more to life than just lifting heavy things bro calm down

  16. Yeah, not sure why everyone wants new build. I’d way rather have a quality built house pre-80’s. Having lived in a few, materials and quality of construction is significantly better, and all the bugs worked out. Standard maintenance and upgrades still apply, obviously.

  17. Just have to watch out for delicious asbestos

  18. I think if you ask any Falcons fan they will say Freeman had a terrible game because he missed the blind-side block that would have prevented the sack taking us out of FG range to seal it lol.

  19. I think that missed block ruined his career. Dude was crushed about that in the postgame interviews. He knew he messed up and blamed himself for the loss.

  20. I just checked. Falcons RBs combined had 5.8 avg. And yet they ran only 18 times, despite having a huge lead most of the game

  21. You’re bringing back the sad thoughts :(

  22. Putting it this way… my clients don’t have time to browse Reddit and waste time.

  23. I’m not sure I’d say spending time looking for direction in lifting subreddits to be “wasting time”

  24. This is a pretty terrible routine, unless this is just for a simple arm day only.

  25. Love the scan to make sure someone witnessed it!

  26. Looks amazing! Time to upgrade your bench?

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