1. Bringing up Baby, The Philadelphia Story, Dazed and Confused & Caddyshack

  2. I got a "hey girl" message from Danny D last night. First one from her.

  3. I can NOT express enough how fucccccccking annoying Danny Dettra is. I know I know, beating a dead horse. But JFC Danny, you are selfish as fuck. You feel like you “slept in a dumpster” yet you went to your hair appointment and then got a spray tan?! You have a headache and can’t even sleep because your head hurts, but you go out anyway….And then your husband who works a legitimate job and gets benefits couldn’t pick up your daughter because he had a call insert her eye roll followed by mine. Not to mention how materialistic she is with her room full of packages and crap and then saying buy this Frozen house for 50 I PAID 500 yours for 50. Maybe don’t buy so much extra shit you don’t need or that you end up selling in your consignment shop anyway. Plus her voice is even MORE nasally Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  4. Does Tania purposely pick out the UGLIEST things, like that bed and that dress is not it for me

  5. Danny Dettra dailydoseofdanny bragging about how she prefers her $30 Amazon ring over her actual wedding ring because it’s bigger and she’s “bougie”. She literally shared her Actual ring (which is so nice and unique) vs her $30 Amazon one that literally looks fake. Also, she says her husbands annoyed about it but she doesn’t care. Why?! You’re literally shitting on your husband and the ring he got you that was supposed to be a symbol of your love forever?!

  6. I just got a "Omg hi" message from Meg Slope. Asking me where I live, what I do in life, and how I found her.

  7. Fundie Snark! I love the snark subs. I’m in the MS, fundie, Duggar, and illnessfakers subs. If anyone has any suggestions for subreddits in that same vein, hit me with ‘em!

  8. Mine is somewhere between resting bitch and resting annoyed. Depending on my mood.

  9. I've felt this way for a long time. I think it is partially because I always look like I'm in a bad mood. When I explained resting bitch face to my mom, she said that's how I look most of the time.

  10. My Mom kept telling me for years that I needed to watch Dr. Zhivago. I finally did and wow! It's long but so worth it.

  11. Love this, such a fan of simple hand building pieces. Are the bees transfers?

  12. Thanks!! The bee was a little kind a temp tattoo. I dabbed it on with a sponge and pulled the little paper off.

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