1. From the article: Jonathan Zoes, an aspiring filmmaker, has become the first person to drive an electric vehicle to the Arctic Ocean in -40°C (-40°F) temperatures of an Arctic winter, and he did it in a Tesla Model Y. Zoes documented his journey driving through Canada to Tuktoyaktuk, relying on the help of strangers to plug in the vehicle once charging stations became harder to find.

  2. From the article: A new study published in

  3. From the article: Ticketmaster will refund "unduly high" fees to Cure fans after lead singer Robert Smith said he was "sickened" by the charges and demanded an explanation.

  4. From the article: An online survey of owners of sex dolls in multiple world countries showed that they were less prone to sexual aggression compared to persons who do not own sex dolls. They were also more likely to see women as unknowable, the world as dangerous, and to have lower sexual self-esteem. The study was published in the

  5. From the article: Tesla has submitted the first application to the State Office for the Environment for the expansion of Giga Berlin. The company intends to expand production capacity from the current 500,000 to one million vehicles per year.

  6. From the article: A report from the United Nations University Institute for Water says the dramatic rise of the bottled water industry is helping mask a failure of public systems in many parts of the world to supply reliable drinking water, forcing their populations to seek it elsewhere. The researchers say bottled water also comes with its own risks, often facing fewer water quality regulations, and potentially impacting the environment both by extracting water from important waterways and creating pollution as bottles are discarded.

  7. From the article: The Tesla Model Y is continuing to prove popular in Europe. The electric SUV topped sales charts in the region for the final two months of 2022, and the Model Y has picked up where it left off maintaining its place at the top of the electric vehicle (EV) sales charts in January 2023.

  8. I can deal with the yoke and the lack of stalks, whatever. But the lack of center horn drives me crazy.

  9. Agreed. I've had my LR for 11mths now. Love the yoke and design in how it fits into the minimalist look of the interior. Now, waiting over a year for the firmware update for the center horn button is ridiculous!

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