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  1. Not sure what size this guy ended up. If it’s 0g, there is a way to do a fresh piercing at 0g but this is definitely not that way.

  2. Why are there so many TAG kids on Reddit though?

  3. What, please, is “TAG” in this context?

  4. Talented And Gifted. That was the name of the program for the school district I was in.

  5. After the procedure, I was told I had to orgasm a certain number of times (40 I think). My wife decided to start tracking our sex frequency along with some other lifestyle things. As far as my sex life is concerned, nothing all that much has changed. My wife however still keeps up with the tracking and has started initiating sex whenever she sees us entering a dry spell. So all positives from where I’m concerned.


  7. I wonder how many people we could get to stretch up and then downsize just to get the numbers. I’ve heard that it’s healthy for your lobes to stretch up and back down anyway. I’d be happy to downsize for the sake of science but I’m currently at my goal size of 1/2”. I’d be willing to stretch up to 3/4” for the study. Maybe 1”. Lol.

  8. You shouldn’t be using silicone 2 weeks after a stretch. You should be using glass.

  9. I definitely know now that i should’ve waited longer :,( luckily there wasn’t any pain and i’m gonna give my ears a good while before i do anything else to them.

  10. As far as hydrating your ears is concerned, I don’t think I’ve ever really been susceptible to dry ears but I use jojoba oil and really recommend it because a tiny bit goes a long way and it doesn’t stain my clothes. Maybe when your ears are fully healed, jojoba oil will work better.

  11. I highly recommend using single flare glass. Arctic Buffalo sells them up to (a little over) an inch.

  12. I was pierced at 0g. I don’t see the point in punching.

  13. To fix most airlink issues without leaving VR, open virtual desktop to use task manager to kill any task starting with “OVR” and then open the Oculus app. You can then leave Virtual Desktop and airlink will magically work.

  14. I recommend wearing glass. It’s heavy and helps stretch. I wore glass through all of my stretches and each one went in flawlessly.

  15. You will find your o rings are more likely to stay on the tighter they are. I used older o-rings throughout my stretching journey with single flares. Usually more than just one size lower too.

  16. Totally! You could go more than that if you wanted. Also, why NSFW?

  17. I didn’t realize I’d clicked nsfw🤣 but I’m glad to hear that! I just felt like the outer part of my lobes was thinning out for some reason so I was unsure of how big I might be able to get to

  18. These are sick. I enjoy seeing all the different plugs and jewelry you post. What are your favorite plug and tunnel shops?

  19. It doesn’t really look like a blowout to me. Definitely looks irritated and raised though. When you say “trying to follow the right steps”, what steps are those?

  20. Regular cleaning and massaging with jojoba. These plugs have been in for a few weeks now and haven’t felt irritated, but I don’t know what that little ridge is.

  21. What material plugs are you using? If you are using single flare with o-rings, the raised bit could be due to an allergic reaction to the o-rings.

  22. I use cheap silicone tunnels and always have (didn’t realise the dangers). So far never had an issue, this has been like 7 years. Am I just lucky? Is it an accident waiting to happen?

  23. As long as your ears are healed, silicone isn’t that bad. Some people have used silicone to stretch their ears and although this has worked for some, others have ended up with their ears trying to merge with the silicone and they end up really damaging themselves. Now that my ears are healed, I wear silicone at night, but try not to wear them for more than a day.

  24. I used silicone to stretch mine. I never had any idea what I was doing though. I must just be very lucky. Silicone is the only thing comfortable for my ears. What are you meant to use to stretch? I’ve been thinking of stretching my seconds

  25. I strictly use glass to stretch and highly recommend that to others as it’s the least porous material and really easy on people’s ears.

  26. I know this is suuuuuuper old but I just want to thank you. I have never had a problem that's bugged me so much be solved so quickly and be right under my nose lmao

  27. Glad my past self was good for something! Haha. Thanks!

  28. I upvoted because you're right, but I wanted to downvote because it makes me so mad

  29. Considering the recommended wait time between stretches is 3-4 months, I would definitely wait a long time before trying to stretch this guy. It looks like it will heal really nicely though as long as you keep it happy.

  30. I would not follow this advice. The pinned stretching guide goes over the best ways to stretch and it’s highly recognized that dead stretching with single flare glass plugs are the safest. If the tunnels you are thinking about stretching with are double flared, I highly suggest not doing that.

  31. Basically there are 2 popular types of o-rings. Nitrile and silicone I think. Most people refer to them as black or clear but that’s not always the case as each can come in different colors. A good test for yourself would be to buy a pack of each and see which one irritates your ears. If I remember correctly, most people have a problem with silicone but I might be wrong.

  32. I am fine with both it’s just this one particular o-ring

  33. Weird. I’m so glad I’m at my goal size and don’t have to deal with o-rings anymore. Haha.

  34. In addition to what others have said about them being used incorrectly and that they can hurt your ears, they also tend to put weight unevenly on your lobe. Dead stretching is this community’s preferred method and in my experience, the easiest method to stretch your lobes.

  35. It’s different for everyone. I’ve heard of people going to 0g and not being able to get back. I’ve also heard some people claim to be able to stretch from 1/2” back to normal.

  36. In my experience it’s the moped riders who never wave back. But waving on the bike is a part of what makes rides special for me. When I’m riding down a road and I pass 20 bikers all riding together and I’m able to wave and have every single one of those badass motherfuckers wave back. Now that’s awesome. Not very many people have that experience but we do.

  37. I just wouldn’t stretch with silicone. Using them on healed ears is fine.

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