1. I wish i had a femboy that will do that

  2. Idk whats worring me more that around half the cartoons are underage or that they fapped to maggie Simpson wich is a baby

  3. The child is lgbt and it makes dad proud

  4. Its not like america has alot of karen, think their the best country in the world, if i dare to speak my political opinion they have a huge debate about it without any end result, think their militairy is the best just because they throw alot of money at it, because they throw alot of money to the militairy they're in debt and dont get me started on their gun regulations, gun violents and school shootings because america is the number one country that has crime and suïcide involving guns

  5. Parenting tip wich i could speak out of personal experiense:

  6. It would be a nice thing to have then you have the protective ability of diamonds/netherite and the gold for piglins because of the gold trim

  7. The goverment is fucking with you not in lizard people, pizza gate stuff but more like you can never be sadisfied you can like one politicion but they always have something to disagree with you and always is not the same before voting like Trump he would "make america great again" but almost nothing changed looking from a outsiders perspective


  9. Just let myself go. If i have enough money i would buy a comany that does well so i still have a steeds income and then quite my current job from there live a luxury life like going to fancy dinners, trips, doing nice stuff and help people

  10. I dont understand fashion anymore like "oh yeah let me just carry tge head of a fucking lion on my scholder"

  11. Taking it up the ear to a whole new level and yes ear sex somehow exists.

  12. He is being seud for being a abuser but i think i agree with moist critical because its still a fresh lawsuit so who knows whats going to happen and he is the voices of rick and morty so replacing him will be a slow downfall of rick and morty fans

  13. Those feet look like a chicken bird of prey have big nails and claws

  14. I love it with potatoes to no matter if its Fries, baked, cooked or mashed i eat it with ketchup

  15. The only Linux user i found that is good is someordinairygamers because he doesnt shove it in peoples faces he makes seprerate video's and let you deside to watch them or not

  16. Bill was discharged because its hinted he is part of the lgbt either gay or bi

  17. If god hated the gays why do they exist?

  18. Isnt Maggie Simpson the baby of the family?

  19. In the bully episode he found out he feels little to no pain so basicly a bulletsponge pun intended

  20. Its nice that spoon accepted her emediatly i hopenthey will be great buddies

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