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  1. Just place 2 500 orders of Jan 20, $30 calls. If I get each for .01 and the share price hits $40, I’ll be a millionaire

  2. I wish, but it will help to have a more lay down life!

  3. Can we please wait for two more weeks to moon... At this price I want to buy absolutely more! Only need to wait on my paycheck 😅

  4. Anyone else buying more in premarket today? Wish I didn't have to wait until 8am... Unless this shoots up before then, I'm going to grab 300 more shares.

  5. I grab 250 more... After that I'm beyond broke... Unless we moon 😁

  6. So who’s going to be the first dominoe that tries to exit their short position?

  7. They will be most lucky, the rest will be f*cked

  8. Get a big green dildo up to Uranus without any lube NMA*

  9. We gonna be awesome with the debts restructuring and the positive cashflow in the next coming months!💪

  10. Some good news about the bonds, could be a catalyst don't you think? 💪

  11. No idea what to expect these couple of days... Would love to hear some theories 💪😁

  12. Buy the dip! Fack it! Anyway good investment for long term! Still have to say nfa xD

  13. I can't post due to karma requirements, but here is another article praising BBBYs squeeze potential:

  14. This shit gunna pop straight up to 45$ per share when they announce what's going on behind the scenes right now. Just wait. That switch is gunna flip real fucking quick. All the FUD and bankruptcy talk, they are trying to push retail out right now so they can get you to FOMO back in when it inevitably squeezes. Don't be on the wrong side of the trade. Hold now, and limit order sell when you are ready. Make them pay what you want for your shares, not the other way around, because they will have to pay it when we squeeze.

  15. Huge capital extracted yesterday and reinvested today.

  16. Thank you, missed something. Is there any source?

  17. Yesterday was brutally red, all the worries about market collapse. Today will be lots of reinvestment on a bounce day. Juts how it all works, even with all the price manipulation. This is just common market behaviour. It doesn't undermine BBBY's potential or anything like that.

  18. Bought 150 more💪 now I have to wait to buy more for a month

  19. BBBY has zero bull case. This is going $4 tomorrow. Anyone telling you otherwise is a fool

  20. Holy shit.... Snake attack xD I missed this 🐍

  21. I have a snake! I feel so cool now! Love this sub!🐍

  22. Low volume day boys. Nice to see it pull in to green territory though. Everyone start your prayer circles and hope that the Fed goes slightly more dovish on Wednesday. If we get a rate increase of less than 100bp I believe we will see a flood of liquidity and a nice pump to the overall market.

  23. When will be the earnings? Thanks in advance:)

  24. I'm broke anyway... Doesn't matter for me if have to wait one day or one year :) I can wait💪

  25. A well, we wait a few weeks more for a sneeze. No worries their working towards a positive balancesheet. We will be fine :)

  26. Im out. Buying in again when it has fall to around 10-11. Or hold and average down maybe?

  27. Can you please shut up, or post something useful... Every two seconds you have a different opinion...

  28. its probably a sentiment bot to gauge retail interest or just a dumbas, stop engaging it.

  29. Maybe true, do we have a moderator somewhere here?

  30. What will be possible in the next couple of days? :)

  31. I'm excited for today and the following days :)💪

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