1. thc supresses your dreams and seritonin or however you spell its levels and when your sober they start to work on their own and your dream again

  2. Avoid chumba. Go to your local casino such a waste

  3. Do you taste terps? Or does it just taste like how all distillate tastes?

  4. I know what you mean . And klutches distillate seems cleaner than there co2

  5. Don’t write for Chumba. Crooks who don’t pay out envelope requests anymore. Owe me all my envelopes from July through September. Then deactivated my account with no reason. VGW wont be around much longer.

  6. Always look after your health first. Like you said, if you fall they won't care and half of the companies try not to pay for workers comp.

  7. Didnt even wanna report it because why would they care lmao

  8. I hate sitting on my ass and not getting another route

  9. I understand this , very rare occasion that i feel like this but ive felt it

  10. Wrong sub reddit im like when did flex start that bs

  11. Ohh okay interesting lol i dont know why 8 retards downvoted but thanks

  12. This is the way….if they take blackjack out, I’m done. Something tells me that’s next on the chop block….idk call me paranoid but after roulette was removed I alway thought blackjack was next. Also Does anyone even play jack or better? That game is terrible. I’ve only played with gold coins and wow I’m bad at it or it’s purely chance

  13. Jacks or better is simply a high rollers game. And chasing those pairs. Blackjack is the wave but in all honesty the slots are so rigged sometimes even in your advantage sometimes it might be worth it on slots . I look at everything from a logical prospective

  14. Ill never understand this lol .... bots legit on the app store and people still complain like this wow.

  15. Sort of . Get flexer man itll get you so much money trust

  16. I'm new to Flex, prior exp as a DA - is there any reason for this? I notice certain blocks will be, for ex, $62 for 3 hrs, then another block at a diff location will be $72 for the same time. Saw a 5hr yesterday for $152 and a bunch of others for $92. I wanted to jump on that $152, but knowing how Amzn works, figured there had to be a catch.

  17. Its surge rates. Simply people not taking base pay turns into them needing to get the packages out most likley if you seen a 157 it was a sub same day , no catch ive got sent home for 211 and ive also had 3 packages for 211 so no not really a catch maybe more so supply and demand factor

  18. Actually I’ve made $2,200 from Flex in November alone so I’m chillin. Also learn how to spell it’s so easy.

  19. Lmao 100% scrauny little nerd in person fuckin faggot foreal

  20. Ooh someone is angry now. Mad because your earnings pale in comparison to mine? It’s scrawny btw.

  21. Thanks bro, I’ll need to pay better attention to the signs like that. I pissed over 6500 dollars on chumba this month and it was a huge mistake. It wasnt money that I could afford to lose. I was foolish. Never again. Chumba is devil for me now.

  22. 6500? Dawg i can teach you how to count cards in real life and make way more than chumba lol

  23. Lol. Yeah it was from my first win. When I first signed up won a major for 6500, dumb beginners luck I guess. When I got paid, I played and gave it all back in a weekend….thinking it would be easy to win like my first time. Boy was I wrong, should have saved some and taken a small chunk to a real casino I guess.

  24. Im a card counter in real life so i look at everything from a math prospective and you have to have a stopping point ,theres only a few games that i will play because i know they pay out and theres little corks and screws you look for to sort of indicate for you to keep playing if its not letting you over 90 good chance you won what the game wants you to win and thats break time forsure , come back the next hour next time i bet youll be over 100

  25. EXACTLY! Finally someone who sees things for what they are.. every game has its own little tells for when it is about to hit, and if a game consistently let's you get to $92.46 then down to $70 then back up to $92.46 it's time to either change your bet, take a break or change your game it's so obvious.. but so many people on here complain about losing after they get so close.. it's because they get greedy and won't stop

  26. Yep . When its your time its your time ive also notice giving them a sort of appreciation email might help too lil thank you or something even tho they might rob you lol

  27. Whatever i lose on slots i i try to back on blackjack with 2-5$ hands

  28. Surveillance guys get no incentives besides maybe a chance at a supervisor position, and those are few in number. It's a dead-end job paying $15-22/hr. They don't even need to know how to count, the software does everything for them. I highly doubt any of them care enough about the job to read this forum.

  29. Thank you for the warning, but I actually enjoy the posts from the dealers and pit bosses - it is good to get their perspective. Some dealers are also APs. And many pit bosses are decent people, just trying to do their job in a responsible way.

  30. Yes but some get also get inscentives , a money hungry casini might do whatever they have to do

  31. What does that have to do with this?

  32. Being scared of a fucking dog ? Ide shove my fucking fist so far down ones throat if it tried anything stupid ive never not delivered a package because of a dog most of the time they are friendly

  33. For future load up every package and individualy hit unable to deliver and you will still get paid regardless , and you can bring them back next day . Sorry this happened dont do this next time

  34. It's not a casino... its a sweepstakes website

  35. "Chumba casino " has table games and slots but we wont call it a casino , we get it your a chumba employee bro

  36. Get it . If you can conserve or buy 2 because they are half Gs i would do it 100%

  37. Exactly or the hick towns lol. I grew up in EC and I'm not delivering shit over there.

  38. Not even like im racist i grew up in painesville just hate the roads and crackheads tweaking fucks with me i always hate when there all grouped up right next to you while your searching for your package like im good

  39. Oh no I get it. East Cleveland is a jacked up place now. I know people there and like I said I'm still not going lol 🤣 IDC. Amazon really tries to blur The lines with how they do us. Technically we should be able to decline high crime areas since we are contractors. All I know is I'm never risking my safety for a few dollars. I was just in Perry township yesterday and guess what as soon as it got dark. I took those last packages back because I know better lol. No high crime but highly racist . I'm good.

  40. You should of been okay in perry lmao and exactly ! " you signed up for this" cool well you signed up to be a warehouse worker now please do your job and scan these off , its part of the GIG dsp drivers have dedicated routes usually

  41. When i thought they only had botanicals out ?

  42. Probably a “top performer” too, these dudes who blaze through 200 stops in 4 hours are sus AF

  43. Nobody is doing 200 stops in 4 hours lmfao

  44. Right! People just like to say stuff...noone is getting a 200 stop 4 hour block smh

  45. I think he thought he was in DSP reddit like dawg i had 190 stops yestarday for my dsp and it took me 7 hours lol

  46. Dude got so high he put operation instead of project LMFAO my next cop forsure

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