How much each individual American 🇺🇸 is paying for Ukraine 🇺🇦 War 💸

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  1. When I’m in the sauna or something I’ll say “behoove of you” just as a Easter egg I case there’s any other service members/vets in there

  2. You should wear boot bands, so there’s a visual reminder to them that whatever happens in the sauna isn’t gay.

  3. It’s not gay if it’s survival !!!

  4. Answer: I'd imagine they are tryna get "faded than a hoe"

  5. Indeed indeed, definitely tryna get faded than a hoe, expeditiously and exquisitely

  6. Vape pen/ wax pen. Not poppers ect

  7. This could probably kill somebody if they did it long enough lmao

  8. Some guy in my platoon was smoking weed with his homeboys in the barracks parking lot. The MPs rolled up behind his car and approached his window. This idiot backed up into the cop car and then ran over one of the MPs. There was a short car chase and then they were caught. Around a month later, I heard my platoon Sgt. had to accompany him as he transfered jails. This dude was shackled . . . wrists, ankles and waist were cuffed. He got a dishonorable discharge. I never saw him again. He's probably still locked up.

  9. Wow, should’ve taken the weed punishment to the chin

  10. I think alot of this footage is training stuff bc the real stuff has too absolutely gruesome. This looks too pretty However walking over dead bodies in the trenches had to be PTSD inducing. Imagine walking over a body and breaking bones. I wouldn’t know how to feel.

  11. Imagine being in that tank burning alive. Hopefully that bomb dropped right on top of your head and killed you you had to burn alive

  12. They are curious creatures though! Which is why people often think they are getting stalked. Not because they were necessarily hunting them, they just want to see what's going on sometimes

  13. Rando #1 - ran a hair perming business from our tiny room. The chemical fumes were awful.

  14. Ngl seems like you need to establish boundaries and have a stronger back bones. 1st Roomate, okay i underhand youre making $, 2nd Roomate, I would’ve snitched on the low. 3rd roommate would’ve gotten her bed slept in and I would’ve told her to fucking stop. 4th Roomate is getting recorded exposed and threatened back

  15. Does every worker have to file their own taxes or am I just confused?

  16. I would happily pay a lot more than $3.50 a week just to end this war faster.

  17. You can’t just end this war, this war isn’t a surprise, and it’s not just a simple Russia invaded Ukraine, it’s a proxy war w the west vs the East. WW3.5 if I may. There’s so much lore and history behind this whole situation that it was inevitable. Also I’m convinced a lot of that $ is getting laundered bc just cmon.

  18. “Ever seen Top Gun? Imagine something like that but less sexy.”

  19. War would've ended much earlier if USA didn't take forever to aid the french in both ww1 and 2! American disrespecting France who bled at the front line all those times to defend the free world is a disgraceful behavior.

  20. You’re mad about stuff that happened 100 years ago lmao. Worry about your shitty policies and leadership before blaming everything on the States. K bai thx

  21. What about Americans stop blaming everything on Europe and worry about your shitty policies and leadership?

  22. You guys are essentially a 3rd world country who’s mad and jealous that ever since ww1 y’all lost your power player position. You’re never getting it back, you’ll never be on the States level. Hope you guys make good decisions but don’t shit on the States. Nobody is perfect

  23. Italy is well-known for its men making advances on foreign tourists.

  24. Ngl im a grown straight male. Work w a Italian dude and his brother. Dude is straight up charismatic and a stud

  25. Cartel life gotta be dangerous af. Not only do you gotta worry about the police and military, you gotta worry about other bigger more deadly cartels. Shit is crazy bro, only worth it if you’re a shot caller and still if you get caught you’re getting slaughtered like a dog.

  26. Our neighbors just moved to there like it's the greatest place on earth.

  27. Beach is definitely better imo but definitely a vibe in the spring and summer times

  28. Born and raised in SF bay area, lived there over 40 years, TIL this exists

  29. Easy Bay Area lol. Nobody from the Bay seems to know anything other than what’s connected to BART

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