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Something isn't adding up

  1. I’ve seen mellow corn once in Ohio, smoke wagon would be an excellent addition

  2. Yeah this was 2 years ago, several of these have now made it here.

  3. Switched from Geotech drilling/lab testing to construction management. It was an even pay switch at first but has become more lucrative now. Get all the certs, then get your CCM, and you'll be set. Manage projects in the field when you want, and there is no risk. I do miss doing geology field work, though.

  4. I felt this to my core. Hang in there man, you'll figure it out. I went into Construction Management, you can get a pretty decent job managing more professional people and projects. Look into getting your CCM and find a place that does what ever type of construction you enjoy. Solar, hydro/dams, water/wastewater, green infrastructure, vertical, whatever. Geology plays well in this industry. Again good luck!

  5. Objects shot down. Scrambled F-35s first, then sent F-22's the most elite fighter on Earth. One pilot said object messed with sensors, one stated it was a silver sphere with tethered payload. One said cylindrical, the other never identified. One in Alaskan water, one in the mid Yukon, and another in Lake Huron. You don't shoot these down with F-22s with those missiles for just anything. We don't know but I believe it's not from here.

  6. Wheel of Time or anything by Brandon Sanderson

  7. Where did you go for PG? They required an MS where I live, last time I looked anyway.

  8. This is the CPG through AIPG in Colorado. Requires 8 years, transcripts, multiple references both by other CPGs and other professionals, etc. And whatever else. Some states have an LPG and a PG and those have varying requirements.

  9. What have you done in your current job that you like? Anything you are particularly good at?

  10. Not much I guess. I left a civil engineering firm where I mainly did geotech and environmental drilling and lab testing. The company drove me out due to upper management so I changed gears and went into the Construction Management industry. The only thing I have enjoyed there is tunnel plan review, geology write-ups for proposals, and managing the group of guys I have.

  11. Nothing to lose, aggressive Day, Dawgs overrated. Bucks 35 Dawgs 27

  12. Just picked up a 1/2 of burkle budlets today at Strawberry.

  13. Can you tell me what the harvest and/or packaging dates are please?

  14. Harvest date 6/2/22 Package date 7/13/22

  15. I have us at 11-6. Dropping 1 each to the Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders. Then losing at LAR, at BAL, and at Tenn.

  16. If you explore everything the first time, the game is fairly easy.

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