1. I don't think the house on the right has been restored. This is a vague post.

  2. I have had excellent luck with Circa 1850 brand Heavy Body Paint Remover. It stinks pretty bad and will burn your hand through gloves, so you know it works better than the non-toxic stuff. In fact it works MUCH better than any of the other products I've tried, including citristrip and EZ strip. Like noticeably better and more effective, especially with 2 generous coats.

  3. The post says, "old, but not lead.". Perhaps they should be extra cautious because a layer deep in may have gotten missed in the testing, but I don't know what testing procedure they used.

  4. These windows were replaced in the 1970's, and they've been tested by the leading company in my state. So, lead is highly unlikely. There are places places where there is lead but we had those professionally stripped.

  5. I got married to an American in the UK and we had a cash bar because we were providing wines and sparkling grape juice (bought from the venue) and soft drinks (from the caterer). Lots of non-drinking guests too. Moved to US where it's considered tacky to have a cash bar but meh.

  6. It might be considered tacky by a select few. But a lot of people just don't want to shuck out thousands and thousands of dollars on one night. At least it's not as bad as a taco truck, where guests have to pay for their own meal!

  7. I know it's not the main focus, but I'm always really disappointed when I hear about guests leaving an event when the free bar runs out. A work function is one thing, but not a wedding. You've been invited to help celebrate a beautiful occasion and you bail because the booze has dried up? I really feel like it shows a lack of class

  8. Haha! I wish that was what happened at my wedding. But if you go to Korea, the entire guest list will leave after dinner! My husband is Korean and that's exactly what happened at our wedding. After dinner, all the Korean guests were gone. Everyone else stayed, included the Korean American guests, which are both of our friends.

  9. I honestly would kill for a subfloor. You're quite lucky. It's big on my "to-do" list.

  10. I almost had a heart attack. I was expecting the worst. Turned out lovely.

  11. There are precious few things that can give people in this sub heart attacks, but destroying a century fireplace is one of them!

  12. At first I thought this was the same fireplace that was so controversial yesterday; that user was also talking about upgrading (by removing the mantel and tile). Glad it worked out for you, it looks great!!

  13. Could it be The Book of Goodnight Stories (1982)?

  14. Sadly, no. I don't think it had any Hans Christen Andersson tales in there. Thanks though!

  15. I tried searching for this myself and haven't really found anything.

  16. Thank you! It took me forever to get that damn wall up.

  17. Not sure. Perhaps it was too chilly, perhaps they wanted more wall space. We’re grateful they did it in a way that made them easy to uncover.

  18. I’m just wondering when the game decides to use different texts, the same with like which cultures change those place names.

  19. I have never in my life talked trash like that about an ex, and my long life includes three ex husbands as well as assorted other lovers. It's difficult to imagine my best women friends engaging in it, either...and honestly, I don't think we're that odd among women.

  20. You are obviously older and not immature, unlike this GF in question. Perhaps you grew up in a different time where people were more polite and women respected men just because they were men. If you're a baby boomer, then I promise you it's different these days.

  21. Yeah, I don't really get that. It's weird and twisted.

  22. The issue here isn't the mother supporting her daughter and SIL. If she owned the property free and clear, the only comments would be supportive of her decision but worrying that she was being taken advantage of.

  23. Yes, that part I get. But the sister initially got angry about it instead of saying, "Let me talk to Adam." They have all conspired to not tell him, rather than just tell him. I think that if this was a different culture or country, she would have told him because him saying no would have been unthinkable.

  24. Also on top of this, a thing I'm not seeing in this thread is, isn't this situation a little controlling of Adam, where now hold the house/rental situation as leverage/blackmail if the relationship goes sour whether from abuse or just neglect. Even if it was initially given in good faith, rocky patches can bring out worst in people.

  25. Yeah like my relatives telling me my childhood abuse from my mother 'couldn't have been that bad, you turned out okay'. What???

  26. I hate it when people say this shit! Yes, fucker, I worked hard to turn out okay!! (Years and years and years of therapy, for starters!)

  27. Basically there’s a murderer at court who kills a bunch of people, usually just courtiers but it’s killed my wife and some vasals before, the amount and who all dies depends on how you react to it, but I was trying to get it and another event where if your characters sadistic you can burn a feast hall down killing like 40+ people with no consequences. I got an option to take the event in one of my first playthroughs, and since all I saw was “you kill 40+ people” vs. “nothing happens” I naturally, not knowing how rare the event was, took the latter.

  28. I've never played a sadistic character. I need to do that at some point.

  29. Yes yes, because we're all fucking crazy and care more about houses than about people being murdered in them.

  30. That one duke with basic skills who hates that you didn't put him on your council: "My time has come"

  31. Ugh, they aren't even pubescent yet. This is so fucking gross.

  32. I’d say that’s what it is for most people. Most of the time they already had someone in mind. I can’t for the life of me imagine someone who gets no men/women deciding it would be good for them to try and fuck other people.

  33. I actually did this when I was really young. I was just unhappy in my relationship but I still loved the guy. I told him I wanted to open up the relationship and he was fine with it- really when it came down to it we just had different ideas about the kind of relationship we wanted to be in.

  34. Yeah ex fiance sounds like a total douche. Good for OOP, she's better off without him, I'm quite sure of it.

  35. Doesn't he though? The only time he told her he loved her was when he proposed a year ago?! Dude needs to step up his game a bit. You don't need to say it everyday, but you do need to say it from time to time.

  36. My issue with the majority of commenters on Reddit, especially relationship subreddits, is that they see everything as completely black or white. Lying is 100% terrible and if you lie for even a second you are an AWFUL PERSON and completely irredeemable and you deserve every bad thing in the world Rained down upon you.

  37. Totally. I have tended to notice too that with reddit, because it skews younger white males, they are typically harder on women than they are on men. They are really are quick to jump to conclusions and will sometimes side with the man even if they shouldn't. Its like they all decided, "bros before hoes." (I hate that saying but you know what I mean.)

  38. I tried before it ended with with peace, waste of gold and man for a long and bloody war.

  39. On behalf of white women everywhere, let me say that you have now got the award for Most Generic Name Ever. I actually propose: White Woman with Botox Injections.

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