1. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust is one of the greatest anime films ever made, and interestingly, one of the only ones written for English. TheJapanese dub actually came later, for the Japanese DVD release, and the director, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, refuses to let it leave Japan, feeling the English dub is how the film should be seen.

  2. Honestly, back in the day I liked the original film more and was a little disappointed with Bloodlust. But I haven't watched it since then so maybe I was mistaken.

  3. I wouldn't have classified myself as depressed, but I was prescribed several different ones over several years to treat my chronic hand pains.

  4. Pom Poko - not the best Ghibli movie but should be a minimum 8 like its peers.

  5. This was one of the 1st blu-rays I got way back when. Can't remember anything about it now but I did like it.

  6. I haven't seen Garzey but I just finished Wings of Rean last night. The final episode was possibly the biggest "FU" I'd ever seen.

  7. I thought there was something today but didn't see it on the website. Thanks for the heads-up!

  8. DVDs as there's no English blu ray

  9. A shame too, I would've liked to have had one when I rewatched this and the Fam last year. But the dvds still hold up great.

  10. Yeah I feel ya. At least the dads do look really good

  11. Haven't watched Clannad yet but I believe Kanon (2006) was the 1st KyoAni show I watched and the 1st to break the dams.

  12. I recently grabbed the Grave of the Fireflies one…I think I paid as much for that as 4 or 5 of the others combined….

  13. Yeah, too bad I was late to the party so that one is a lost cause for me. Would be nice to have a full set but I'm too cheap :)

  14. I actually looked back and paid $150, definitely waffled on that decision a few times haha. But your post inspired me to buy the other ones I didn’t have, which turned out to be more than I thought. I think originally I just bought the ones that weren’t already in a Miyazaki collection I had previously picked up.

  15. :( I just bought a ton of Ghibli steelbooks from Target's 20% sale last week, I could've said a good $20 or so.

  16. Target did have a BOGO50% sale last month, and their prices are somewhat better than B&N's

  17. Didn't they make a DVD release that came with 6 booklets? I miss simple stuff like that being standard instead of limited edition fodder

  18. Yup, one of the best looking sets too. Shiny, silvery slipcovers, booklets, and a cd!

  19. Several years ago (probably close to 15 years now), I got up in the middle of the night to pee. While doing my thing, I notice some shimmering off the shower tiles and on a closer look I see that it's the Matrix code, except all in the English alphabet (not a mix of Japanese like the movies). It only encompassed that one wall of tiles too.

  20. It was by far the best thing I watched last year, loved every single moment.

  21. I really don't know why anyone would buy the KOR DVDs when you can buy the much nicer Blus for less.

  22. Watched the Escaflowne movie years after I watched the original TV anime. It's...alright. Feels like they tried to pack in too much for a 90 minute movie. There's so many characters that ultimately do nothing. Then, there are some off screen moments that I would have liked to see. For example, after Van and Hitomi leave this village, it seems like they are suddenly fairly close despite only knowing each other for not that long after Hitomi got isekaied into Gaea.

  23. I remember going to the theater to see the movie way before I got to see the series. Definitely felt it moved too fast and glossed over things I would've liked to know beforehand, but overall, I enjoyed it.

  24. I missed the last thread so your rec didn't influence me, but maybe it did for the random number generator I use to pick what to watch lol.

  25. If it doesn't have to be Japan specific, Flag deals with a Middle East-like country on the brink of civil war.

  26. Only watched it once a long time ago but I gave it a 9. Very compelling series.

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