1. He's a possession beast. Can't wait till he puts it all together.

  2. I don’t think that venting frustrations = regretting parenthood entirely. I truly don’t think I’ve met a single person who I could say seems to genuinely regret or resent their children.

  3. People will also say things like that to others without kids as some weird way to bond, or to seem as though they are not pitying or judging them.

  4. Well if you look at the odds it's probably true. If, out of 100 people at the end of their child bearing age, 80-90 have kids, there's probably more people that regret having kids in that group than there are in the other 10-15% group who regret not having kids.

  5. 2 years at 775 means he is the 7th D and the 6th D trade is probably imminent. Wouldn’t expect to much though.

  6. We need two middle 6 forwards and a solid defenseman who is better than Trouba/Harpur. We can't afford all of those.

  7. Second and fourth line were bad. 1st line got slow as the game went on. I kinda see why Gallant breaks up the kid line... they're all good and the other lines suck without them. This team is a solid defenseman and two middle six forwards away from being able to consistently play with the big boys

  8. Drop the weight in half and try getting down into a full squat (thighs parallel to the floor) and just sit there. It looks like you'll need to open your knees more to accomplish this. If you'll notice, you're getting forward with the weight. A good cue to avoid this is to lift your toes inside your shoes so they touch the top of your shoes...then squat down. DON'T RUSH TO LIFT HEAVY.... NOBODY CARES HOW MUCH YOU ARE LIFTING!!! Good luck.

  9. I'm going to one up you and say grilled bacon makes even more sense. Use a baking pan. Comes out even better than baking and doesn't make your house smell greasy.

  10. The solid playoff lineup will have two forwards not currently on this team

  11. Lafreniere's decision-making with the puck has looked poor all night

  12. I was just having this discussion and my only thought is they don't want to pay him big money his next contract.

  13. This is just me but there is a tipping point where a woman puts in too much effort into looking good where it is a turn off. Also most stupid lip or eyebrow trends are very unattractive.

  14. Best lines i could come up with that make sense but of course we waived the better of 2 choices:

  15. Derick Brassard (6OA) comes to mind for me

  16. Hot take but I actually thought this was a good article. The headline doesn't make sense if talking about Trouba's play, but if you're talking about his leadership / headspace it makes sense.

  17. I definitely don't think he needs to be the best player, he just can't cost the team games with terrible play, which he did earlier in the season. You can't ask more of your teammates when you are the absolute worst player on the ice every night. I agree that this article gets it right. He's no longer awful. He's leading. Schneider is better. I do believe that his injury was a major issue for him and it seems to be good now.

  18. Want to be a respected gentleman? Privately, let a father know something you greatly respect about his son, or vice versa. It will get back to the person you complimented, will be a source of pride for them both, and will endear you to that family. Positive vibes all around.

  19. I am currently a stay at home dad to a 9 month old while I look for a good job. My wife is a cna so she can get work anywhere and we just recently moved. I'll say while it's great getting to spend so much time with my son, I definitely have a different outlook on SAHMs now. This shit is rough.

  20. I worked shift work with a baby and it sucked. I would never want to be a full time stay at home dad. Hang in there.

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