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  1. Women are being canceled by these pussies that can't compete against real men.

  2. Why is he so angry? I see a horse, and it makes me happy

  3. This is how I convince my parents to take care of themselves. I show them all the stupid haircuts I would give their Shihtzu if they left him with me.

  4. He is my granddog. He always has unique haircuts. Last year was a mullet 🤣

  5. $75.00 from a shelter. He was 4 months old. I adopted a senior for $30.00

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, my partner Andrew Jackson

  7. Aw i love her little beard! Can she groom herself? I had a hen with a wonky neck, she couldn't reach her oil gland... i used to get under her feathers with my fingers and give her rubs, she quite enjoyed it!

  8. She does groom herself. I remember seeing her in the bin at the store and knew I had to take her. They gave her to me because of her crossbeak. I had one before, so I knew how to take care of her, I bought the girl that was her buddy.

  9. I have a chicken with a similar looking beak from a coon attack. Is yours able to eat on her own?

  10. She was born this way a crossbeak. She eats and drinks on her own. She has a large deep food & water bowl. I trim her beaks, and that helps.

  11. Dr. Rummel is an amazing man and a great doctor. He is one of the nicest people I know.

  12. Congrats! Meanwhile, I'm still looking to see if they're ever coming to Boston.

  13. Whoa chuck looks gorgeous! What breed? Looks very similar to my 4.5 year old half poodle half Rhodesian Ridgeback!

  14. Thank you! He is a f1 labradoodle. I adopted him when he was 7 months old. He is very smart.

  15. I'm 61 and would love to age as well as Martha and Helen!

  16. Karen. I'm going to need a glass of wine and some catnip to listen to this shit.

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