1. Probably some sort of Bacillus - they have some really weird colony morphology.

  2. I see it more with crowded floors, especially on adult nights or skate nights that have a high percentage of rink rats and/or vets. I have never personally seen a rat/vet do it to a member of the general public or someone that obviously doesn’t skate much. It’s just a piece of rink etiquette and skate culture that shows up here and there. I personally don’t mind but I understand why some people are uncomfortable with it.

  3. After having been held on the waist/hips by a sexual harasser at work, I'm going to struggle to ever get comfortable with it. It's ok in absolute emergencies but this person could have taken some responsibility for her speed, especially the second time.

  4. Of course! You have every right to feel that way and nobody has the place to tell you otherwise.

  5. You should try doing your own homework. You’ll learn more.

  6. Microbiology is heavy on memorization - flash cards (especially with visual aids) and flowcharts/diagrams are a huge help.

  7. Your skates need time to be broken in - and every new piece of equipment has a period of adjustment. I have been skating for 17 years and I still have to get used to new boots/new skates the first time I put them on. Especially if it’s a stiff, suede boot that has to be broken in.

  8. Invest in some Loc-Tite (blue isn’t permanent) - it’ll keep your toestops from unscrewing as you use them.

  9. Textbook gram positive staphylococcus. As for species - we can’t know without further biochemical testing.

  10. You’re welcome! If there is something else you’re looking for, I recommend reaching out to Ginger aka “Skate Critic” she is a very valuable resource for skate history and rink culture.

  11. Can we stop antibiotic resistance? No - it predates us and will continue in our wake. What we can do is lessen our contribution and hopefully, prevent some of the carnage it can cause. But we are powerless to stop evolution.

  12. No, I do not. I don’t form my beliefs based on how they would have made (or do make) other people feel. Historically, some churches have been at war with science. I think those events were caused by the people who had an issue with science and objectivity, not due to science itself.

  13. That isn’t the original context of that verse. It has been manipulated through centuries of bias and power. The verse in Leviticus was originally talking about men who lie with boys - as in children. That meaning has been lost as languages change, are translated, mistranslated or downright manipulated in the interest of power and politics. I do not agree with any religious justification of hatred, homophobic or otherwise.

  14. Evolution can happen within hours - if we are speaking of a micro level, like bacteria acquiring antibiotic resistance genes. It’s commonly misunderstood that it only occurs over the course of millions of years.

  15. Every time I see some piece of research regarding schizophrenia, it always seems to be tied to inflammation. Very interesting, I look forward to learning more.

  16. It’s definitely something. We can’t know what it is without more information. This is why we perform microscopic stains and use biochemical tests - we can’t ID microscopic organisms on pictures alone.

  17. Riedell offers two different kinds of toe caps might you by chance know which ones she bought?

  18. The leather toe caps (the ‘boxy’ ones, not the longer ones that are more like strips).

  19. Maybe implement (or draw from) some of the standard rink games that are more skill based? Thinking like Shoot the Duck, Flamingo Races, etc.

  20. You definitely dont need poor quality skates that will directly put your safety at risk.

  21. “What organism is this???” fibrous artifact viewed on 10x

  22. Klebsiella on MAC is really pretty - very vibrant pink w/ some purple-ish hues in the colonies. 💕

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