1. I was in a pretty horendous scuba dive accident in 2012 and worked my a** off to learn to walk again after caisson dissease caused a spinal cord injury that left me paralyzed for more than a month. I had to reprogram my way of thinking, my way of living and everything on my way to progress. Till this day. Sometimes the ease of which I do it with blows me away, but I also deal with all the deamons that I encounter.

  2. Im trying to go through this process right now. Got back walking but then got cancer and still dealing with spondylitis in my upper spine. Hopefully gonna get back to work someday tho!

  3. Yep. I put msg and soy sauce in my peanut butter cream cheese frosting recently and it adds so much depth.

  4. wmgh says:

    When the opener is better than the headliner

  5. Heck I remember seeing green Sky open for Railroad Earth way back in the day

  6. Having lived in rural Ohio for over a decade now, I wouldn’t be so sure this is making fun of them lol

  7. Based on a little tattoo under it that seems to say something along the lines of I'm a b**** I'm going to guess it's humorous

  8. I don't know if you've got some kind of axe to grind, everything you've posted in this thread is either suspicion or innuendo.... Looking at your post history you seem to appreciate Dayton properties being preserved. Fred's "mansion" is a big historical place from 1928 that is being preserved instead of falling into decay.

  9. Unless something changed the Kettering mansion is owned by my neighbor, not the hospital. Maybe theres more than one tho

  10. 2 years later I see this comment as Im googling them because there's s pair in my size on fleabay.

  11. Honestly makes SOME sense, as there are drug interactions. As much as I hate the FDA.

  12. grapefruit has a ton of major interactions. are they gonna be regulated too?

  13. I got a brand new wool winslow parka xxl if anyone needs a great winter jacket. Im too chubby for it

  14. I don't know I absolutely love food and that restaurant is terrible

  15. I have been wanting to try a sheet of crepe to get a local cobbler to spice up some of my Quoddys but havent gotten around to it yet. I had not seen the duckfeet soles before, those are cool

  16. Seriously. Five over one housing is how cities become dense, walkable, and add the amount of housing a cities needs to keep housing costs under control.

  17. I just don't see why the hell have to look exactly the same. Different facades mix it up a little bit beyond that I'm totally for them

  18. They mix it up within the context of a singular building but all of the individual buildings look exactly the same

  19. Love me some rre. Sadly in Ohio so not making this tour but I hope they head back this way soon!

  20. I won’t buy Prodigy because it’s the worst plastic I’ve ever felt, second only to Franklin.

  21. Damn that's harsh Franklin has some really great discs.

  22. Tell me you have aspergers without telling me you have aspergers.

  23. Oh yeah gotta start with the KEXP session, it's the best of Ice Death with great quality.

  24. Hey, could you please provide a recommendation for those of us with really wide feet? I've always wanted redwings or something similar but my legs are too large for most tall boots and my feet are wide enough that they couldn't even fit into the only Redwings I've tried in person.

  25. Used to get whites, but they don’t seem to last as long as they used to. The price kept going up and the time between repairs and new pairs kept going down.

  26. That's a huge bummer. What do you think would have changed in the construction to affect the durability? Ostensibly they are using the same letters and Soles and I don't think that construction has changed from cutaways that I have seen

  27. On this topic, for me a weighted blanket is definitely worth it. I sleep way better with it.. but probably wouldn't recommend it to everyone - seems a subjective preference

  28. It's true though. Your words have power whether you are intentionally exercising it or not. Choose to use words That don't make a joke out of the needs of marginalized communities

  29. The reader has the power. I'm not responsible for your feelings or how you perceive what people say. Despite my offering clarification of what I said. That's your job. Even kids know that (sticks and stones may break my bones...). Especially when you didn't fully understand what I meant.

  30. Yes the reader has the power and on the Internet many readers are uninformed unintelligent and unthinking. Therefore you are responsible for the manner in which your words come across. You may not realize it but this is a power you can choose to exercise. Once again you can choose did not make light of the needs of marginalized society

  31. I have 2 pairs of 2030s so I'm done with Vibergs, but thanks for the suggestion. 👍

  32. Not cxl but Whites black dress is struck through and awesome

  33. Sure thing! The private and voucher schools are one in the same and are known as the Ohio Educational Choice Scholarship Program (commonly known as EdChoice).

  34. That funding from the state could still be going to public schools but is disproportionately going to charter schools. That is the issue and you are conveniently sidestepping it.

  35. I’ve cited multiple sources indicating that public schools are not being disproportionately defunded by any means in other responses in this thread. Please provide data besides your own anecdote. I would love to be educated!

  36. Local district funding is not used. Stated funding that would otherwise go to Local districts is used. In amounts disproportionate not those given to Local districts per school.

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