Elon targets a guy who has stood up to Putin consistently over the last 22 years, saying that all he has done for Ukraine is tweet

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  1. Elon just desperate to stay relevant I see. As always.

  2. Cool! Weird! Worth checking out as a conversation starter just to say you did it, for sure. The art museum in Elkhart is worth a visit too, FYI.

  3. You can store it out in the pole barn at the County Fairgrounds. I think they charge $12 per foot in length. It’s indoors and safe. I’ve stored a vehicle out there the last 3 years and have been happy with the service. I bet if you give them a call they can give you all the info you’ll need.

  4. I just saw Pearl Jam and Bourbon and Beyond and holy smokes, they still tear it up! Yeay that these guys got to jam together!

  5. What a fantastic festival! This was my third year going. I saw Billy Strings in the bluegrass tent in that crazy rainstorm. Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys played that day too. Great fun. I’ve been every year since!

  6. None of my friends my age like to do what I want to do, or don’t have the time in their lives or the physical stamina to keep up. I do a lot of things by myself but I don’t really do the go out for cocktails and dinner by myself so I most definitely feel you there.

  7. She does not own you. She isn’t visible in the photo. She didn’t get to control you or the photo.

  8. Billy held a patreon kinda deal when this album was released it was like an early release if I remember I think it was $25 for a signed copy

  9. Make sure you get out to the DIA, Temple bar is great if you’re into house music. Also Hamtramack has a great comedy club called the Independent.

  10. You probably won’t be able to find an apartment here, but the Grosse Pointes have walkable areas. And GPPS is one of the best districts in the area for when your son starts going to school.

  11. I was going to suggest Grosse Point Park. There’s lots of flats, it’s super walkable and quaint, and in a great school district. If I were moving back to the area I would look around there.

  12. I file my nails between each client 😂 I swear I feel sharp edges that just feel sharper once my hands have oil on them.

  13. I only have one pinball machine and I love it. South Park, the multi ball is super fun!

  14. The theater's office building is being preserved and is being rehabbed into condos, however the theater itself was demolished.

  15. We had to verify the numbers on our bracelets matched the babies bracelet. The hospital we went to also had a policy to not take the babies to a nursery at night unless specifically requested. From the time the baby was born to the time we were discharged, the baby never left our sight. I wonder if that practice is to prevent theft

  16. I was living in Berkeley Ca when Baby Kerri was abducted from Alta Bates hospital. It was so awful. A woman disguised as a nurse just walked up to a new mom, took the baby, and left. She got away with the kid too, for over a year before she was caught. That’s when hospitals started upping their security.

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