1. I love that they were all sitting around home crying that Robyn might die, meanwhile all her tests came back fine. I work in an ER and we see people like Robyn all the time. "I'm not getting better" yes have you're not going to feel well for a while. Unless your oxygen is low there's nothing to be done but rest and get better. But of course she thinks she is a special case and is dying 🙄

  2. She was cringey dramatic with the labored speech. Barf.

  3. When Janelle said "I don't know who takes care of who in that situation" I took it to mean they're both giant cry babies when sick lol

  4. I like how he said he is normally a party pooper but he did it since Robyn wanted to make it special for the kids. I guess his other wives just wanted him to participate with family events for their own benefit and not to make it special for the kids? Love how he constantly calls himself out without even being aware 🤗

  5. I love how this was “special.” I don’t think I would ever recover from seeing my parents dressed like this, but these kids live in a different reality.

  6. Idk, I feel like they kinda knew it was lame lol. Honestly the older girls seemed more into it than the little kids.

  7. Continually baffled on how Kody will complain about the cleanliness of Christine and Janelle's homes with a straight face while living with Robyn. If that actually mattered to him, he'd be at Meri's. She's the one with the nicely maintained home.

  8. I liked when they were shopping for them and were like "NOT bridesmaids, or mother of the bride, just special guests" lol. They all should have worn ivory 😜

  9. How does she get them? It took me 8 months to find one to buy, trying to get selected during PlayStation or Amazon sales. And ultimately it took a tip by someone I know who works in retail stores. They luckily still had one by the time I got there.

  10. So from my understanding the guy was texting the 15 year old and the girlfriend (Raven) got mad so they and Star (girl in the T. rex shirt) was picked up by them, hogtied her with zip ties, beat the shit out of her, broke into an abandoned building and then left her in the middle of nowhere by a tree. She was able to get her phone and call for help. I’ll have to check with my mom to be sure the details are right, but I’m 99% sure that’s what I was told unless more details come out. The girl in the T. rex t shirt is my brother’s ex and his baby momma so I’m close to the situation

  11. Imagine finding out your SO is a pedophile and your response to be to kindnap and beat his child victim. What a lovely couple.

  12. yeah i dove deep into this case and i think it’s pretty clear they murdered those boys

  13. The only thing clear is that the cops completely bungled the case.

  14. Been working on it all night will post the image I edited with the book cover in the morning

  15. Posted sorry I suck at photoshop lol

  16. Corey Feldmen literally warned about child abuse in their business and was speaking from experience and was shut down and that cunt Barbara Walters said "you're damaging an entire industry."

  17. Barbara Walters says stupid stuff all the time, no idea why she is respected.

  18. Which is sad for her since she apparently was a loser in high-school from what she says lol

  19. I think that's not true, it's just to hurt her feelings.

  20. It wasn't what they advertised at all, so not what I expected, but I actually really liked it.

  21. Like he was too afraid of his mom to change the ticket back lol. Then nicole offered to pay for a new one and he said no! And left!

  22. This is what it seemed like to me, too. He had already called his family and said he was coming home and he was too embarrassed to tell them he changed his mind and forgave her and wanted to stay again.

  23. Why is there a statute of limitation on kidnapping a child?? That seems like something that should not have a time limit.

  24. Love that book! It’s definitely in my top 5. I finished it pretty quickly, because I couldn’t put it down. It was really suspenseful, and I always recommend it to people (even if they’re not SK fans).

  25. It's been years since I've read it, but I agree. I got into it really quickly and couldn't put it down.

  26. That’s what I heard too, but Robyn heard something completely different, as usual

  27. Janelle and Christine even talk about it lol and how it wasn't what she said/meant and she didn't know it had been taken that way

  28. I never saw Janelle make any attempt to have a relationship with Robyn or her kids, so it’s no surprise there’s no love on her end

  29. When has Robyn made any attempt to be close to Janelle or her kids? She had always used any excuse she could to separate her and her kids from the entire family.

  30. I wonder about this too. It seems odd we were able to see Meri and Janelle attend therapy sessions together and hash out their issues but we have no real sense of Janelle’s problems with Robyn beyond speculation. I hope this comes out in the tell all.

  31. No one is allowed to criticize poor, delicate Robyn out loud, or they have to deal with Kody's wrath

  32. You cut off the second half where he says they got along great and ye said nothing anti-semetic, but ok.

  33. "I told someone running for President not to and he loved every minute of it reeeee"

  34. So him going out if his way to say he said nothing anti Semitic is Trump burning "Ye and his antisemitic buddies"? Reeeeee makes total sense. So ready to suck Trump's cock.

  35. I went a few weeks ago and we’re still talking about it and it felt unreal being there. We also stayed at The Guesthouse and I can’t highly recommend it enough. The Elvis movies at night with the peanut butter sandwiches after were wonderful!

  36. I've been on the tour, but wondered what it'd be like to stay. Very cool!

  37. So was the owner of the house trying to stop Frederik from breaking up the fight? Or why was he stopping he from going outside?

  38. Yah, it sounds like all their "sources" are just commenters speculating lol

  39. A giant tattoo of the guys last name on her body, and she worked as a prison nurse. A job she quit to be with this apparent addict. Yet there's a conspiracy against her. In the spirit of Lizzie, " it's all in her head".

  40. It wasn’t doing that because she shoved it away before it could lmao.

  41. Yah, you seem as lovely as Robyn and I wouldn't invite either of you over. The dog has better manners than you both. I don't like cats but I don't shove them off me when I'm at someone's house that has one, I gently move them away, with kindness because I'm at their home. I think 75% of children are annoying af, but I wouldn't go to someone's house and tell their kid to shut up. It's rude, as is shoving or kicking away a dog when you are a guest at their home.

  42. She literally used her leg because she wants using both her hands to hold her children’s hand. Y’all are acting like she forcefully kicked the dog and it’s pretty clear that’s not what’s happening.

  43. She didn't kick hard, but she kicks him away, yah. Is the dog fine? More than likely. Was it rude? Yes. Would it make me not like her if it was my dog? Also, yes. This is just another example of Robyn being an anxious, over protective helicopter mom. "Keep the nasty dog away from me and my kids" while screaming about what a team player and polygamy champion she is.

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