1. The entitlement in this place is something else. No one owes anyone else an explanation for why they do anything at all.

  2. You made a post and mentioned you had monographs on multiple plants, and said if people wanted more to contact you…

  3. Feel free to contact me and I'll provide you with what all the information I ethically can.

  4. Yeah but why make an informational post offering advice in the first place if you were going to be so resistant and reactionary to actually providing the advice you had offered? Like you offered advice and then called people entitled for seeking more details. It’s a very odd tack to take. Your initial post is good info, but kinda basic ray mears stuff. It certainly doesn’t indicate any specialized knowledge that isn’t already repeated ad nauseum. You offered up initial info and then bristled when folks asked for more details.

  5. Methuselah scolds you either way. If you kill him he says something about revenge being bad and if you spare him he tells you Hobbs didn’t deserve your mercy.

  6. It’s a solid base triangle, but there’s no high level loot in any of those regions and ML and MT are pretty beginner areas that get kinda boring. FM sucks at first, but becomes much more fun.

  7. I’ve done it, but I’ve never HAD to do it. It has only ever been a choice made for pleasure for me, and I haven’t been able to justify making that choice again in like five years.

  8. Fair enough. For many people, cooking over a fire is one of the main reasons they go camping and they only bring iso/white gas/solid tablets/alcohol stoves for backpacking. Chili in a Dutch oven is a great experience

  9. No. It’s a buff. A pretty decent one at that. You have to earn it even though it doesn’t take very much to earn it initially. You should have it by day 3. After that, it’s already something you can lose at any point. You’re just asking for a 3 day head start. That makes the buff less valuable.

  10. It seems like you came to a conclusion before formulating the question.

  11. Playing episode 3 of story mode and doing all the side quests therein is a pretty good way to get to know this map. The side quests lead you pretty much everywhere and are fun, even though the main quests in episode three are kinda a drag.

  12. Dude delete this. It makes you look like an inconsiderate asshole at best.

  13. Have you possibly considered the fact that I live in a country other than the USA where laws differ.

  14. Lol you live in Britain. Y’all can cut down forests in your empire but you can’t cut trees in your backyard. You don’t even know your own laws. You have committed a crime

  15. Cool that you like to break the law and ruin the environment and ecosystem

  16. Shitty people build shitty structures when they’re doing shitty things they know are against the law.

  17. Someone is pretty clearly poaching on public land, so, yeah, the authorities should be notified.

  18. Mending is the hardest to level organically, but also the hardest to grind.

  19. I carry a stainless steel reuseable coffee filter in my zebra pot. I suppose it could work for steaming too. Grill/Rack -

  20. Put coffee in it and hold it over my cup then pour hot water in.

  21. I’m sorry but what kind of coffee? Paper filters are rated around 20 microns, the grill seems to be like 2-3cm. That’s like 20,000- 30,000x larger. Unless you linked to the wrong item. Also, how does a flat grill with holes that big hold ground coffee beans?

  22. Well, the real aurora borealis doesn’t occur every night. If anything, the game probably has it occurring more often than reality. But IRL, various meteorological/astronomical/seasonal/geographical factors contribute to whether it will occur and whether it will be visible or not at any given moment throughout the night depending on latitude.

  23. Side Quests or scripted stuff on the main quest usually.

  24. I could be totally wrong about this, but I believe it takes your status of can opener owner into account and either spills a bunch of the contents while hulk smashing the can open, or if you have one, it makes use of it automatically.

  25. Having a hatchet or knife acts as a can opener (the hatchet or knife takes damage). After a certain “cooking” level (3 or 4), even smashing open cans loses no contents or calories. Very realism.

  26. I've always wondered how the heck someone can open a can with only their bare hands

  27. If you dent the can in the right way first it’s possible. I remember seeing some bushcraft YouTube video where someone demonstrated how to, but I can’t remember who made it. I’ve never done it myself, because I always have a leatherman or sak and a p38.

  28. Unless you’re cosplaying military after your discharge I’d agree that bright colors are the best bet, especially in Europe these days. If you are dispersed camping: Would you rather be stopped as a tourist with poor taste or draw attention as a potential foreign mercenary?

  29. A boy’s axe or camp axe will always be superior, but sometimes your pack situation leans smaller.

  30. The thing about the moose though is it doesn’t provide enough fat to sustain through that whole time. I agree, I’m not just getting 5 kg of meat from a deer, but calories also isn’t the only measure of survival in terms of nutrition.

  31. In season 3, Dave had to be medically evacuated for falling under a 17 BMI, despite having a store of: “42 smoked fish fillets, appoximately: 2lbs of wild mushrooms, numberous greens, 1lb of peanuts and raisins 1lb of flour, 1lb beans, 1lb of duck fat”. He was just literally living by interloper starvation tactics and eating a half a fish filet every two days.

  32. You aren’t, but you may be one of the lucky ones who can still find strike anywhere matches. As you said, most brick and mortars stopped carrying them ages ago and they don’t ship anymore either. They can be used to make explosives but it’s a real bitch to harvest that material. I just assumed it was for child safety reasons initially since they’re so much easier to light.

  33. Yeah “bankline” is just tarred braided nylon cordage.

  34. I believe one of the most recent updates allows for repairing of the crampons. Update 1.98. You'll need either Simple or Quality Tools to repair.

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