1. I didn’t say they were mutually exclusive. I said that’s how they want “to be seen,” not that’s what they want to be. The public, generally, does view them as mutually exclusive. There are plenty of other fields where it’s also unfair to say they’re strictly about money, but that’s how they’re perceived. They’re seen as “parasites,” “money grubbing,” etc. etc. There are a lot of people in medicine, or pursuing it, who are very much in it for the money, but simultaneously love the publicly anointed halo that would be removed if they went around admitting they’re in medicine for the money.

  2. I don’t know why you’re being downvoted but you’re damn right

  3. Don’t worry, these days you can get a CT to find out if you provide splenomegaly as an indication. I don’t even know what percentage of patients get any sort of physical exam before being shipped off to the CT scanner.

  4. But do you ship the pregnant patients off to CT too

  5. Don’t need when you have the donut of truth. 😎

  6. But what about pregnant patients with acute abdominal pain

  7. All these premeds who think their non-trad super powers will make them immune to the stresses of residency are in for a rude awakening.

  8. I don't think anyone is saying that though. The point is that kids born with a silver spoon in their mouth going from having never worked a day in their life to working 80+ hours a week is probably a lot more jarring than for someone who has had to support themselves working multiple shitty dead-end jobs before.

  9. Absolutely. Rich kids call us assholes for pointing this out lol

  10. Cultural Christianity is super widespread in the US but it’s becoming more and more rare to see young people who openly talk about how Jesus helps them in their daily lives. Most people I’ve met will tell you they’re Christian if asked but they don’t keep up the practices or anything

  11. Cultural xtianity is still xtian hegemony and most of American society enforces it, down to labor and store schedules that favor observance of the xtian sabbath on Sunday while you xtians tend to enforce policies and scheduling that make it harder to keep the Jewish sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night). You xtians literally enjoy cultural supremacy.

  12. You're missing the point of this post. OP asked which people were practicing Christians so they could find community, not which people benefit from Christian hegemony. Obviously the country is based on Christian hegemony. It was founded by Protestant Christians. OP was not denying structural benefits imparted to Christians from society, it's literally somebody tryna find friends.

  13. In NYC, Shabbat starts shortly before sunset on Friday. In the winter, that’s just hours after Friday prayers. Jews and Muslims share more in common with each other than Jews and xtians. The study of Talmud thrived in Moorish Spain but was brutally repressed under the xtian Reconquista. OP just needs an excuse to feel his majority religion is oppressed.

  14. Get your clinical hours as a nurse while applying to med school. You’ll get to have experience that will really help on rotations and also be a bomb ass nontrad. We need more working class nontrads in med school!!

  15. Less than 10 hours of completed shadowing might be the issue. Applying earlier might also make a difference - over 90% of my interviews came from schools where I was complete Aug 1 or earlier. Finally, there are lots of CA applicants so it's very competitive. I'm very surprised your application didn't receive more attention - honestly makes me wonder if one of your LORs has a problem. On the bright side, it seems like your application will be much stronger next year.

  16. I had zero formal shadowing (most of my clinical experience is in EMS and I explained that on my app) and I had an academic performance IA (due to PTSD which I explained). Mcat 519, uGPA 3.25 (MS biochem GPA 3.89). 2 MD IIs, 4 DO IIs. I also sent in most of my secondaries late so I could polish them.

  17. If you think standing for 5 hours is too tiring, your gonna hate your surgery rotation.

  18. I liked bedside rounding as an inpatient because it was very easy for me to ask questions / concerns about my own condition / prognosis (or get med orders changed) and get quick, detailed answers I needed that I normally would not get any other time of day.

  19. I paid $0 by being applying with FAP. So yeah FAP was worth it even if they tortured me to explain my estrangement from my incestuous father

  20. Can I DM you? Wondering if this might be possible for me Bc I’m sort of similar with mine

  21. That’s what I was initially wondering. Sine wave hyperK. Her CT showed swelling in the brain so I keep thinking her increased ICP is what caused the arrest. I didn’t stick around for more than 30 mins before I had to do shift change so I don’t know if pediatric doctor or cardiologist gave calcium.

  22. Wait from what I know ICP would cause stroke / neurological damage / possibly respiratory arrest if there was mass effect on the pons / medulla but would not send her into cardiac arrest without respiratory arrest. How was her breathing prior?

  23. I didn’t get a good look at her respiratory rate but I assume it was bad if the doctor ordered intubation when transport arrived. I did some research and found that myocardial dysfunction and arrhythmia are common in severe cases of MIS-C. In most severe cases acute respiratory failure occurs. It’s basically an intense immune response to an infection after the infection has already passed.

  24. Yes, but elevated ICP in itself will damage the brain but not cause cardiac arrest unless the respiratory centers in the brain stem were also damaged (via hypoxic cardiac arrest). Unlike the lungs, heart does not need the brain to keep beating. So I’m thinking brain edema is a symptom of systemic inflammation and is not the precipitating cause of cardiac arrest

  25. So instead of the definition used across the nation, you are defering to a arbitrarily set guideline that defines 90% of the nyc hospitals as safety nets?

  26. NYU and Lenox Hill aren’t safety nets. Neither is Sloan-Kettering. And a very large proportion of NYC is on Medicaid (4.3 million as of Dec 2022). Kingsbrook Jewish and Interfaith are included in the extended definition that would be excluded by your narrow criteria (everyone in central brooklyn knows they are safety nets).

  27. Why would I not be familiar with healthcare here? I go to med school in NY we have had multiple lectures on the payer mix of the institutions here. See how weak argument based on perceived identities are? Maybe you should try to look beyond that and think objectively.

  28. You’ve had lectures but seem thoroughly unfamiliar with the actual reality and lived experience of receiving medical care while poor.

  29. Its dr brassard post-op nurse. I am a bit scared because i am sensible to corticosteroid. I lost left eyesight with a asthma pump, it came back with treatment tho. I dont know if it early or not. How could i know.

  30. Yes but they are nurses they dont really take decision and its mostly at the end jn the ball park of my pharmacist and im on a informed consent about my corticosteroid intolerence. I still have to take an asthma pump but i need to guage how much i can take before losing eyesight again. I am also followed by a eye doctor. And a lung doctor.

  31. Have you asked why glucocorticoids if you still have healing areas that are actively sloughing

  32. Na that sounds more like shitty capitalism with our zero sick days and half a week of vacation per year.

  33. Clickbait. Fails to name any of the three fatty acids promised

  34. Why can’t they outright name the three fucking short chain fatty acids as promised? What are their structures? Fucking clickbait.

  35. He’s grooming and exploiting you. When the relationship goes south he will have all the leverage against you, and you will have little. He’s not even worth your precious time. He’s going to dangle rewards in front of you he will never follow through on. Find a genuine mentor.

  36. I can wear this now that I had vaginoplasty

  37. Unique ( intronic / protein-coding / regulatory)

  38. Not in their current life. There are intronic ex-coding regions, buried in the sands of time from evolutionary decay. Not all ORFs are contemporarily protein-coding

  39. It’s not just pain you have to be able to empathize with. You will deal with patients who are the kinds of people you’re describing. Also residency is objectively hard. Just because you’ve experienced worse doesn’t make residency not hard.

  40. Yeah I’m not new to dealing with wealthy patients lol. I do my best to relate to them and get them what care they need and fulfill my legal and moral duty but I will naturally stick my neck out and go above and beyond for the poor.

  41. Universal empathy? You bragged about having a “momentary, secret desire to hurt” a patient with a swastika tattoo and openly admitted to being “less empathetic, less willing to listen to him”. You even said that you are only in the healthcare field to punish the system that punished you.

  42. It’s difficult to relate to Nazi patients. I am not going to begrudge the fact that as a Jew of color being berated by a Nazi patient I felt anger, disgust and fear as primary emotions. But you know what? I activated my secondary emotions and got over myself and did my job. That’s why it was momentary.

  43. Umm, I wasn’t recommending making them feel bad because other than moral objections you can be reported (anonymously) for doing so. Ask me how I know and why we stopped asking medical students direct questions in checkout.

  44. Or you can just remember that R is circle to the Right and S is the opposite. Boom.

  45. Is really no one is going to mention that S is “sinister” (Latin for left)

  46. Everyone acts shocked when I can hear their conversation across a crowded room and I don’t know how to stop listening in tbh. It’s also really annoying because people act like I’m being paranoid when I ask them to whisper more quietly when discussing personal matters so others can’t overhear us. Just because no one is visibly around doesn’t mean they can’t listen in through a closed door.

  47. I will admit, black has a big lead in development and whites move isn't that hot. In regards to the Magnus comment by OP, GMs play games so advanced it makes 1000 elo chess look like checkers. I'm fairly new to the chess scene and have no experience with street chess, so I wouldn't know much about trash talk. From what I've seen, good doctors are forged in fire when they have a good team structure, and that's how we play chess: with an effort to teach and learn from each other. I guess it could be more cutthroat amongst peers, but most of us don't have the drive or interest for that.

  48. I’ve played grandmasters. In one game I was up on material and position after I came up with what I thought was a winning attack but down on time because I spent so long planning my moves. He had two knights and passpawns against my bishop (stuck on one color) and rook + passpawns and used that combo to wear down my time (and thus getting to use my time to keep up coming up with clever moves) until he won on time. He was notorious for winning in the endgame and i learned a shit ton in the game. I now start to plan for the endgame from my very first move.

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