2. I bet throughout all those centuries, not a single monarch utilized the service

  3. I don't know enough about the history to accurately answer that, however, that's the premise behind it. Very much that everyone is equal.

  4. I’m no history buff either but can assure you that no monarch utilized the service. We r not equal regardless from what direction you choose to enter a building

  5. You missed my point twice. Whether or not Langar was used by monarchs is not the point - I'm telling you the premise behind why everyone eats on the floor sitting down.

  6. I would pay her extra to make me spaghetti

  7. " R-Truth let me borrow his boots "

  8. Does this also work if you bought it from a place like Flight Club? Asking if I should contact Nike directly.

  9. if you didnt buy from nike they wont refund you

  10. Why's my name on this list of people who aren't Ucey?

  11. What’s the date on the the zoom flys? That’s my favorite running shoe of all time

  12. Great prices, shipping to US from canada is usually a pain. GLWS

  13. See funny enough, that's not an issue. I live 15 mins from the Canada-US border so I usually mosey on over to the US side if I need to ship to my friends south of me. If in Canada, just throw these in a box and yeet! Super easy haha

  14. Tbh naming your child after a beefed up she man with leadership and literal royal DNA probably pretty based. Gonna go name my son Maximus while im out here

  15. There is an NHL conspiracy to bring back the jade/eggplant jersey and have Bedard/McTavish grow in their careers side by side like Teemu and Kariya, to go along with the next season of Gamechangers and the announcement of a new movie.

  16. I’d miss and accidentally harpoon the 10 year old on on his scooter off in the distance

  17. No you’re right I heard that, size 13 in this release is crazy cursed. Voodoo doll, in a native burial ground, with black cats and broken mirrors everywhere type cursed.

  18. Canadians getting the shoes before us in the States smh, the fit is too good


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