1. Have you tried making a routine instead?

  2. It should be rolling out I got it about 2 days ago.

  3. System vibration turn off the navigation gestures

  4. That worked, thanks. Swiping away notifications still vibrates and it gets disabled if I turn off "Touch Interactions" but it also disables other stuff. I'm not sure if there's a separate setting for that alone.

  5. Oh i use my phone without it so its all good

  6. Buds live 2 is rumored or go to the buds pro or pros 2

  7. I had all them besides the live and i love the pro 2 better

  8. January and for a little bit longer

  9. Good luck, have fun with your devices

  10. Thats for the cod points only they will be credited to your account by that date otherwise you get the dual xp

  11. I pushed yes now I can’t play any of the missions 🥲

  12. Im still waiting on the update to install lol

  13. It bumped up to $70 due to next gen consoles

  14. So is there literally no way to buy the main version that applies to me cause I swear there was a $60 version available for purchase somewhere

  15. will we be able to use the judgement bundle and khaled al-asad bundle in Warzone 2.0? or this is only for the current warzone?

  16. Yes once it launches you will be able to equip the skins and the weapons

  17. Thursday is only campaign right? No spec ops or anything else?

  18. Welcome to the party hope you enjoy your uni

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