1. I don’t live with regrets rather be on my hands an knees lookin for crumbs carpet picking.

  2. How do you smoke it? Do you melt it from top first r from the side? Do you keep the flame around chore or around the shore and close to front but not touching?

  3. heat from top less flame as possible take ur time

  4. Thanks for the advice totally understand that, i am struggling with the same Anxiety. I think my buddy who is struggling the same way is going to join me / we are doing it online as well, as we are very honest with each other. I’m so ready to be finished with this devil....I could bury an piss on buddys grave who gave me the first puff, but I took it!!!

  5. I take a Seizure, I drop where ever I am after a puff, usually head first, can’t feel it coming no warning bang , Dehydration, sleep deprivation, nutrition/no food. Wake up not knowing what year it is or where I’m at an get super Violent to anybody around me. Fucking sucks I’m done with it after 4 trips to hospital this year

  6. Company comes Unannounced, Sasquatch’s, the trusted friends that will fuck you over in a heart beat. The broke bottom of barrel dope head next door Deff smelt it, my ex , the Jealous, rcmp/ cops that hate you for years of staying ahead, list goes on

  7. I bet you are from the UK. I am too, I recognize things.

  8. Hot as fuck idk wat it is about fishnets

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