The girl in blue was having an anxiety attack. She called her mom.

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  1. Oh man this book gives me tingles every time I read it. It’s just….decadent.

  2. My oldest pup is now the Queen of the Silent But Deadly. If you dare accuse her of ripping her own farts, she’ll stare daggers into you and leave the room.

  3. She was too mentally unstable to have a conversation about her behavior and how it was affecting me.

  4. I come from a cookie-cutter family and I am very close to my siblings. I would not forgive them if they did something like this to me. You lost your job because of a scary pandemic and then became homeless....if your family can't support you during this time then what are they even for? What makes a family special if not support?

  5. A friend of mine also doesn't like eggs. He says they taste how dog breath smells.

  6. I hate admitting this because I get so. Much. Hate for this but I cannot stand chocolate. I hate the smell, the texture and oh my god the taste makes me want to gag. I hate chocolate candy bars, and I hate chocolate ice cream and I HATE chocolate cake. I would rather eat a shoelace than a piece of chocolate.

  7. Find where she’s being quarantined and then call every day until the 14 days are over. You would be surprised what can happen to a dog when no one is asking after them. Be the squeaky wheel- it won’t get her released early but it could save her life while the “system” has her. Call every day and ask for a well-being update.

  8. I interviewed with them in NYC and was deeply skeptical about how much people seemed to “LOVE” working there. Makes sense those were all first day reviews.

  9. I would be a sweaty nightmare if I had to dress like that in the summer. God, all the layers….

  10. This reminds me, I need to start showering at night so I’ll actually wash my face and maybe even be motivated to put on lotion before bed. Also, I sleep in my contacts all.the.time. I don’t know why, it doesn’t feel great. I just forget or feel too tired…even though it takes maybe 15 seconds :(

  11. No clue either. Ive realized after a year of therapy my entire identity and self is one giant mask to cover a long series of issues including ADHD i was never diagnosed for as a child. Trying not to care and worry about masking, self authenticity, etc. is kinda going somewhere, but like theres a reason i started masking in the first place, and thats because im not a particularly functional person or that great to be around if i dont watch myself like a parent with a sugar high toddler. I hope someone posts with something constructive lol

  12. I’m rooting for you! Your comment helps a lot. It makes me feel less alone. I would say that’s constructive.

  13. This is dark…but I live in fear of my partner dying. So I’ve obsessed over it and have made a plan what to do with my life in case that happens. I feel like my imagination has taken me through all the feelings too. I’ll get shadow feelings of grief, resentment and fear and feel forced to think through my options…then he has the audacity to come home every day 😂😂😂

  14. He said maybe he should had not done that, he was suggesting he didn’t know if that could be it or not why the cat is missing

  15. He would rather be known as a pedophile than take care of his child??? SO messed up in so many ways.

  16. What I would give to have a mom like that. It’s not that my mom is awful, but she doesn’t understand. This mom gets it. This literally makes me cry.

  17. Your current boyfriend will never make you orgasm again. Not your fault, typically douches don’t make people cum. It’s science.

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