1. covid and many viruses aside from covid can cause shedding; depending on your genetics, you don't have to become severely ill, it can be mild. i confirmed this with several doctors when i fell ill and mine began to thin because they suspected it was my common cold that started it (when it wasn't, it was medication induced, or maybe both together, but still)

  2. My dermatologist (who specializes in hair loss) said that even mild covid can trigger an episode of TE and he has seen several instances of this happening.

  3. How long does the episode last with minor symptoms?:(

  4. I only have slightly more shedding when I comb through it whilst wet. I used to see nothing come out but I’m getting maybe 5 hairs each time I comb.

  5. Check out my recent posts :/ I lost a huge ball today and I am terrified. I was just starting to recover from a 6 month on and off horrible she’d post birth control and now this. I hate this

  6. If you had minor symptoms I heard the shedding doesn’t last to long about a month like you stated.

  7. I would stop now yes. I went through te after stopping birth control and I am now on another shedding round due to Covid back in September:/ I truly think I will have to buy a wig soon. It’s aweful I am so mad that I was recovering so well so much healthy hairs and now this.. I just don’t get it. I am here with you! This is my second shedding in only a year! My thin hair makes me look sick looking and I hate it so much. I want my hair back but everytime there’s hope it seems to get ripped away from me. I’m here for you OP

  8. You may need jaw surgery… maybe he feels he’s some what he can an maybe your jaws are just needing something more like surgery to fix it. Ask if that’s the case.

  9. That’s what I’ve been thinking is maybe my jaw is naturally off put.

  10. Yes and that happens to a lot of people. Just communicate with your ortho ❤️

  11. my love you never need a mirror, because you are so beautiful, your beauty crowns it all When I tell that you are beautiful I just don't mean your appearance I mean all of you You are beautiful in all of your ways Always remember You are beautiful, You are worthy, You are important. You are special You are unique. You are talented and You are irreplaceable

  12. Wow thank you😭 seriously I haven’t had anyone say such kind things to me before.

  13. Wow your teeth are so white ! Also do your teeth feel a little loose? I heard when you get them off they can feel a little loose for a little while?

  14. Yes they felt loose as soon as I got them off but it’s been about 9 hours and they feel in place again lol

  15. I wonder why they are loose when you get them off. It’s so strange lol! I have my braces on still and I swear my teeth feel loose still but my ortho said it’s cause the teeth are still shifting etc. it scares me!

  16. Yep. I don't have brackets on my lower incisors yet.

  17. My bite was better after having the teeth put back in. Cost? This was around 25 years ago and implants were one grand each back then. Insurance didn’t cover it. BTW- in hind sight I think it was good for me to put the teeth back because 25 years later my teeth have shifted and they have little gaps inbetween. If I had less teeth the gaps would be even bigger.

  18. Wow okay. I am talking to my ortho wed to figure out a plan and review x rays 3D images etc to make sure no complications are arising. I swear my jaw feels so small like it shrunk but he swears your jaw cannot shrink from this and I told him I have progress pictures I can show you to prove I am not crazy. Like he just keeps discrediting me and making me feel like I’m insane etc. one of the girls was like I wish I could see what your even talking about you look beautiful blah blah blah. It’s so frustrating. I just regret my decision so so so much and I blame myself for this like why didn’t I do more research why did I trust him why did I let this happen to myself. I’m only 27 and look 37 because of this. It’s eating me alive mentally and physically and I just don’t even know how I can live the rest of my life like this… it’s ruining my relationships with friends and family etc because I don’t even like leaving the house anymore or looking in the mirror or take pictures. I use to take pictures everyday and genuinely thought I was a pretty girl and now all that is out the window in a span of two years just gone. I just feel numb at this point and just broken. I don’t feel worthy for anyone at all and it’s sad to say it’s cause my face is ruined but it’s the truth. Nobody understands until they go through something like this. When you go from average pretty confident girl to ugly disgusting insecure girl in such a short time frame from something you thought was going to boost your confidence and make you feel even more pretty it crushes you…

  19. Again- listen to family members/trusted individuals who say you look good.

  20. Okay… I just feel as though I’m having complications with the bone. I swear my whole jaw has shrinked in size. Idk if it’s cause it got pulled back or what… but it’s causing me breathing/ throat issues and jaw pain. Who can I see for this stuff ?

  21. Did you shed less in that 6 month period?? I wish I could stop but I really don't see how :/ I use 50 mg/nic salts, tried to lower it before but with not much success. Really need to give it another try.

  22. And that’s what I vape to. I’m gonna try stopping tomorrow again.

  23. I shed a little less than this so I assume it’s normal. But then again I have barely any hair left on my dang head:/

  24. Awe thank you that means so much to me! I try my best. I got pregnant at a pretty young age so I try my best to be the best mom I can be.

  25. This was getting on birth control! Does that mean that coming off I’ll get another wave in 3 months time?? How long does yours last ?

  26. I had fluctuating excessive some days not some days some days super bad some not for 6 months.

  27. I don’t remember it happening starting just when I stopped bc.

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