1. This was a post I made a while ago, and almost every month I get one person DMing me about it:

  2. Okay thank you so much!!! I needed to hear this. ❤️

  3. Yes mine is right under the nose, they are going to either try to pull it down with a microscrew or extract it in 2 weeks, not looking forward to it tbh! Another dentist tried before and screwed my mouth up so I'm with another dentist now (I hope he can do it well, it's the most expensive in the city and I spent all my savings on this treatment, I just want to have my smile back 😩)

  4. And another dentist tried to extract it and messed up your mouth or tried to pull it down and messed up your mouth?

  5. I never had a bracket or anything break off the whole two years I was in treatment

  6. I’m saying you made your self look smoking hot and you pulled it of . Say nothing

  7. Your teeth look amazing now! Your hair looks great too!

  8. Yo your brace transformation is insane how long did you have them on for ?

  9. I have mine off in 2 weeks now can’t wait about 19 months in

  10. Jaw surgery or extractions depending will fix this problem I had overjet overbite and I had my lower first premolars extracted for this problem. If you leave your teeth flared like this it cause issues later on down the road for you atleast that’s what my ortho told me … I’d ask your ortho tbh

  11. Is it normal to wait so long for a retainer after getting braces off? Everything I've read has said a person should wear them 24 hours for the first 6 months or so immediately after the removal of braces. Maybe the retainer will help, and there won't be so much damage between now and then that they won't fit.

  12. I got my retainer same day my braces got off.. got 3D mold came back a few hours later to pick it up it for sure shouldn’t take a week… teeth can still move especially right after braces that’s why it’s so important to wear it 24/7 for 6 months.

  13. Braces weaken your enamel, if you whiten them too soon it won't be even and you'll have white spots.

  14. I’ll stick with whitening tooth paste for now then 👌🏻

  15. I got Covid September 4th and I started shedding bad In November 2022 and it stopped end of January, January 29th 2023 to be exact. So got Covid then two months post Covid got bad shedding that lasted 3 months.

  16. I been shedding sense November-end of January so it’s been 3 months of fluctuating shedding. I washed my hair every 3 days.

  17. I have this problem daily. It gets hard… especially with social media and envying those beautiful woman. I been trying to find self love again but it’s been hard. Working out, eating healthier has helped a little. I been in a bad mind set lately and it sucks when you look in the mirror and hate what you see now. In all due time hopefully it’ll improve. 😏 you got this though try your best to stay positive!

  18. Brilliant!! That looks like hardly anything! Fingers crossed this is over for you 😊🤞🏻

  19. What was your trigger? I am so sorry:/ it will get better love

  20. If you don’t mind me asking how often do you wash your hair ? Is this daily shed?

  21. I jinxed myself I started losing 200-300 hairs each day again literally the day after I posted this, but I also took birth control w hormones in it again after not taking for 2 weeks, soo upset.

  22. i wish my hair looked like this i’ve lost so much hair and it’s noticeable

  23. It’ll get better soon! Hang in there. How often do you wash your hair?

  24. Also you have no spaces idk how or why he said it’ll be another year till there off that is crazy you don’t want to be in braces to long cause you can end up having bone loss I would ask if you can get extractions to get rid of the flared teeth.

  25. How often do you wash your hair ? Like those photos how many days in between did you wash?

  26. My regrowth is thicker than it use to be. I’d get a second opinion! It should come back normal or thicker generally is what I’ve been told by my derm if it’s TE.

  27. Hey thanks for the reply! And congrats on quitting as well. Perhaps vaping just affects some people more than others.

  28. Yes I never noticed excess shedding until I stopped depo I never noticed before and I was vaping then to. The hormonal changes is what triggered my shedding to begin with. So I honestly don’t know for sure if the vaping affected my hair I can only assume it helped it

  29. Did your hair just feel thinner when you vaped? Did it grow slower? Because I feel this was happening to me and so I quit about two weeks ago

  30. My seasonal shedding should be coming to end soon tho hopfully.

  31. Did you do anything specific for it to stop?

  32. Sadly no:/ it’s a waiting game… I did start nutrafol asap and I have noticed my strands all over get thicker and healthier as well as promoted faster regrowth.

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