1. Any updates to this? Or has it been released and I didn’t even notice?

  2. Agreed, I haven't printed a v3 yet for that reason. I guess I haven't heard of anybody breaking one yet, but it does look really thin

  3. Haven't had a breakage in testing and its actually no thinner than big big parts of the 43/43x which survived a pretty brutal beta.

  4. If you want to get a keg from any brewery go to your local store that does kegs and say "hey I want to get a keg from X brewery, i will go to them and ask for it to be sent here" lets just say Peabody Heights for this example.

  5. I’ve heard them have pretty bad quality control before, could chalk it up to the stl but the slide gap was enough for me to return them

  6. excess slide gap is a known issue with the FMDA 43/43X

  7. Good to know that if I have issues, there is a fix in then works.

  8. Doesn't affect function but it's not ideal aesthetically

  9. Just printed a 43x frame and I have a few questions.

  10. i usually print pla+ at 215 for my frames, never had a failure like this one

  11. yeah one of the more unfortunate experimental stipples

  12. there actually will be a small gap around the spring hole, its intended and not an issue

  13. What happens if some proportion of your country decide that their government is no longer right for them?

  14. Afghanistan would like to have a word with you lol

  15. The thing is that I have that set to the recommended setting from the readme so I'd assume that would work. I printed multiple chairmanwon frames before and only started having this issue with the new version that just dropped.

  16. new spaceman frames are dropping next week anyways

  17. if you wait a few days ill have some new g19 stuff coming out as well

  18. Rails down means least support, less clean insides, best orientation for strength.

  19. I saw this on twitter and straight up thought it was just a whacky orientation meme.

  20. Rails up or down; there’s a reason why Chairmanwon prints rails up/down for structural reasons on frames.

  21. It's just how the FMDA glocks were tested and approved.

  22. its fine, layer adhesion looks good and thats what matters

  23. Runs flawlessly. The magazine isn't a perfect fit out of the box. It's a hair shorter front to back, and required a shim epoxied inside the frame to correct the angle (glock vs sig). I also had to modify the magazine release hole in the magazine to work with a modified shield magazine release.

  24. Does the slide release/hold open work without modification?

  25. this style is coming to the 19 as part of the final v2 GOTY pack before i fully move over to the v3 pattern

  26. I've considered putting the files behind a password protected zip with the password in the readme.

  27. Ideas........If nothing else, it would make people put some effort into the process, .....

  28. Im surprised you got anything working with that significant warping/clogging. I'd make sure your printer is properly functioning and then reprint.

  29. Keep in mind some of those may be multiple gun sales.

  30. And many of them may be transfers of used firearms or just transfers of the same gun back and forth.

  31. i should really add this back as an option with the newer stuff

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